Korum ITM Clamshell Box

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Key Features

  • Designed to maximise space and efficiency
  • Pocket-sized can be used on its own
  • Or can be used with an ITM tackle box setup
  • It fits all your bits and pieces perfectly
  • Magnetic closure for security
  • Longer compartments for larger tackle items
  • Compatible with the ITM range
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Korum ITM Clamshell Box

Korum is a brand which is really making a name for itself as a premier designer of angling luggage and, when you look at the huge variety of products in the brand’s impressive ITM range, it really isn’t hard to see why! Now the brand has released yet another amazing tackle storage solution from its ITM range, the Korum ITM Clamshell Box. As with all Korum luggage products, the Clamshell has been designed with efficiency in mind and it is perfect for the angler who likes to keep all their small items of tackle perfectly packaged on the bankside.

There are two Clamshell Boxes in the range, both of which are of a similar size but have differing compartmental configurations in order to ensure that you’re always getting the perfect storage solution for your terminal tackle. The first of the boxes has six compartments, with two large compartments on one side of the box and four smaller compartments on the other. The second box has twelve neat compartments, constructed in a 4:8 ratio on either side of the box. The four compartments are long and thin, making them ideal for longer terminal items, and the eight small compartments are short and squat. Both of the boxes are pocket sized, so they will comfortably fit into any of the pockets on your angling luggage. They will even fit into larger clothing pockets, too, making them the ideal choice for the angler who always likes to have a variety of rig bits close to hand.

As the name suggests, both of the boxes in the range operate on a ‘clamshell’ closure. This means that you can open up the box to see its contents without worrying that all your gear is going to tumble free. The magnetic closure system locks the box together when in transit or storage, whilst the clip-free opening ensures that you can easily access your gear on the bank. After all, nothing is worse than fumbling with an awkward clip when you’re trying to get at your terminal tackle – especially when you have cold or damp hands! The box is also completely ITM compatible and can be used in any of the ITM tackle boxes currently available. The Clamshell can also fit into any Korum ITM luggage with ease. In many ways, this makes it the ideal storage solution for your terminal tackle, as it is an incredibly versatile container which you can pop in your pocket or rucksack for a short session or in your luggage or tackle box for a longer session which might require more gear. Not only this, but this Clamshell Box is also ideal for at home storage. Able to fit into any ITM tackle box, the Clamshell Box is an ideal way to compartmentalise your tackle storage system – perfect for the angler who likes to remain organised at home and on the bank.

Organising your tackle in this way might seem time consuming but it will save you countless hours in the long run. After all, think of all the times that you have run around the house trying to find that one piece of essential tackle, only to discover it was already packed into the bottom of a tackle bag. Or, all the times you’ve made it to the bank without a vital bit of terminal tackle because of poor tackle organisation. This is where storage solutions like the Korum Clamshell Box really come into their own and are utterly essential for all dedicated anglers. If you’re looking for a pocket-sized solution for your terminal tackle problem then you need look no further, the Korum ITM Clamshell Box is perfect for you. 

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