Leeda 10ft Feathers Kit

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Key Features

  • Feathers kit contains:
  • 10ft 3 piece rod
  • Size 50 reel with 15lb line
  • 2x Mackerel rigs
  • 2x 3oz leads
  • 5x Size 1 swivel
  • 5x 1 Snap link swivel

Since the 1980s, the Leeda brand has offered a wide range of products that have been developed from years of experience from their designers. They keep the angler in mind with aiming to product affordable and practical angling must-haves.

Whether you are needing a quick replacement, spare or just a new rod, this kit can offer the basic setup of the rod, reel, rigs, leads and swivels, that is ideal for any angling capability from beginner to experienced. The kit is a fantastic value for money and a great starter combo for either mackerel feathering of lighter beach fishing with bait.

This feathers combo kit comes with everything needed to get started for lure fishing, starting with the 10ft rod that can be split into three pieces for convenience when in transportation and making storage easier. The three-piece rod also has the central and end poles finished with a steel cap on the bridging ends. This helps secure the pieces together whilst limiting the damage of the rod as a whole.

Along with the kits also comes a Leeda size 50 reel, including 15lb line. This size in spinning reel offers the medium reel size that is most suited to lakes, rivers, bays, harbours or light offshore boat fishing. With the kit offering a fixed spool reel, the maintenance is generally very little. Just a quick wipe down after a fishing session and you are set. This makes the kit less complicated for new anglers to take care of. The 15lbs breaking strain of the line is ideal for the sized fish this kit can help you catch.

In addition to rod and reel, the kit comes with a small tackle box, full of goodies that can be put to use for a sea fishing. Other than the two 3oz leads, the kit also provides a perfect rig set up by supplying five, size one swivels and the five, one size snap link swivels. The tackle kit helps you hook mackerel or pollock by using the equipped two feather rigs. All of this comes in a small plastic tackle box that you can use to store and transport the items in.

With this feathers kit from Leeda you will be 'ready to fish' with all the accompanying essentials that are designed to be easy to use to construct and use.

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