Leeda 8ft Tele Coarse Kit

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Key Features

  • Coarse kit contains
  • 8ft Telescopic rod
  • Size 40 reel with 4lb line
  • Bait box
  • 4x Clear waggler floats
  • Hooks to Nylon
  • Disgorger
  • 4 Division shot dispenser
  • Tackle box

The manufacturer, Leeda, has been providing the essentials to any fishing collection since the 1980s. They offer a range of tackle aimed to cover all sectors of the angling market - Including Coarse, Sea, Game and Carp. However, most of Leeda's products are steers towards sea, match or coarse anglers. With the Leeda coarse kit, there is a rod, reel, bait tub, and terminal tackle, making it perfect for anglers of any capability, from beginners to the experienced.

The first item in this pack is a 8ft telescopic rod. Telescopic fishing rods are a specialised tool, mostly for convenience and casual use. This rod is made of a fibreglass mix making the rod well insulated and flexible. The telescopic rod can collapse down into a smaller size for ease in transport and storage. However, it is important that before the rod is collapsed that you clean each section from sand, dirt and other gunk so that they do not get trapped in the joints of the rod.

The Tele Coarse kit includes a size 40 reel, that is a medium fishing reel suited to lakes, rivers, bays, harbours a light offshore boat fishing. Along with the fixed spool reel, the kit includes a 4lb line. The kits also comes with a bait box that is black with a blue lid. The lid has air holes for the bait you decide to use. Whether it is surface baits like pellets, small live bait, gel baits or boilies, this bait box provides storage to preserve the bait through transportation and in between rig setups.

With the bait tub, reel and rod, the kit also includes a small clear plastic tackle box that all the terminal tackle comes. This tackle box can be used for storage or when transporting the tackle. Within the box, the tackle includes is four clear waggler floats. More specifically these are two insert tops and two straight top wagglers. A traditional shape that is best for fishing deeper. This shape of waggler is more sensitive so they're good for spotting any bites which occur on the drop. Small bulky floats can get carried by the wind, but these stay in place better.

Additionally, Leeda provides size sixteen barbless hooks (nylon 3lbs line) which are easier to remove from the fishes mouth. Along with the supplied disgorger tool, there should be no problem with gently removing fish hooks from deep inside the mouth of any fish.

Finally, the division shot dispenser comes supplied with 4 compartments, organising the split shots in the correct sizes. These split shots are silver in colour and are effortlessly simple to use. They slide easily up and down the line causing zero damage and each shot has a deep cut in the material to ensure they don't come off the line.

With this simple and affordable kit from Leeda, you will be ready to give Coarse fishing a go for either the first time or whilst travelling, which the telescopic rods are perfect for.

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