Leeda Flip Up Game Net and Handle

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Key Features

  • Great value for money
  • Knotless soft mesh suitable for catch &release
  • Strong, yet lightweight, flip up head design
  • Compact folding, extending 2 piece handle
  • Belt clip and lanyard
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Leeda Flip up Game Net and Handle

No matter whether you’re fishing for predators, coarse fish, or carp, one thing remains constant. We anglers don’t just want to hook our catch; we want to land them too. This is why landing nets are integral to every angler’s fishing setup, regardless of discipline, and a top quality landing net remains the only way to confidently and safely bring a catch from the water to the land. Leeda is a brand that understands how important it is to own a high quality net for all your fishing. However, it also understands that you won’t want to break the bank in order to enjoy the benefits of a top end landing net. This Leeda Flip Up Game Net and Handle isn’t only high quality but it also represents outstanding value for money. This ensures that, no matter your budget, you’re always able to safely land your catch.

Fish care should be one of your most important considerations on the bank and this net has been designed with fish safety in mind. The mesh is knotless in design, ensuring that there are no nasty bits for the fish to catch their fins or scales on. What’s more, it has been manufactured from an ultra-soft mesh, ensuring even more protection for your catch. This net has been designed for catch and release angling and, as such, it should not be used as a retainer net. As the name suggests the Leeda Flip Up Game Net and Handle features a unique flip up head design. This makes the net the perfect choice for the roving or mobile angler, as it ensures for compact transportation whilst the landing net is fully made up.

What’s more, the handle of the net is folding and extending and comes supplied in two pieces. This ensures that the landing net is incredibly easy to store, as you can dismantle and fold the handle in order to create a compact parcel to transport in the boot of your car or store in your garage with the rest of your tackle gear. To further aid with transportation, the Leeda Flip Up Game Net and Handle comes supplied with both a belt clip and a lanyard. This means that hands free transportation is incredibly easy. You can either clip this landing net to the belt of your angling trousers, allowing you to rove hands free along the bank, or you can clip it to your lanyard and transport it over your shoulder.

The Leeda Flip Up Game Net and Handle comes in two different sizes. The largest 60cm net head is perfect for the angler who tackles large coarse fish and small carp. The smaller 50cm head is ideal for all your mid range coarse work, as well as for a range of game fish. Both nets come in a classy olive green colour.

Leeda is one of the biggest fishing tackle distributors in the country and is has been operating out for its Milton Keynes base for a number of years. The brand itself specialises in coarse, sea, and game fishing and it considers itself the number one brand for anglers to turn to when they are looking to upgrade their tackle in any of these disciplines. The brand is also the parent company of a number of other big name brands. In terms of fly, specimen, and carp fishing tackle, Leeda’s Wychwood brand is one of the most prolific manufactures in the UK. For the match fishing fans, Leeda’s MAP brand is the place to turn ad it is one of Europe’s leading companies in this discipline.

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