Leeda Icon 7500 Surf Reel

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Key Features

  • Instant anti-reverse stainless steel one way clutch
  • Front drag with micro-precision adjustment
  • 6 ball bearings
  • Brush line stopper
  • Ambidextrous handle with fast grip handle knob
  • Line capacity 360 yds of 15lb

Leeda Icon 7500 Surf Reel

If you’re a sea fishing fanatic chances are you’ll have been keeping an eye on Leeda’s impressive Icon range of high quality saltwater rods. Now Leeda has released a range of reels, each one purpose designed to complement each of the rods in the Icon range. Featuring the same stunning black and gold cosmetics as the rest of the Icon range, this Icon 7500 Surf is a distance casting reel with cranking power to match, and it will sit perfectly on any of the longer rods in Leeda’s Icon collection.

As with all the reels in the Icon range, this Icon 7500 Surf has been built to be extremely resistant to saltwater. Saltwater is one of the most corrosive elements a reel can be exposed to. As it enters the reel and dries, saltwater leaves behind coarse particles of salt that seriously corrode the vital internal reel mechanisms until the reel is unable to be operated. The saltwater resistant features of the reel not only protect the reel against saltwater damage but they also go a long way to preventing the saltwater access into the reel altogether. This ensures that, with proper reel care (such as rinsing out the reel with freshwater after each coastal session), this reel will last as long as you do.

To help the reel perform at its optimum throughout its long life, Leeda has placed six ball bearings at integral points within the reel. These also maintain the reel’s silky smooth operation, too, ensuring that the Icon 7500 Surf is a pleasure to use. The reel is fitted with precision adjustable front drag, ensuring that both your cast and retrieve are controlled, powerful, and consistent. The stainless steel clutch is one way, offering instant anti-reverse to increase your chances of experiencing a solid hookset with each take. Able to hold 360 yards of 15lb line, this reel can cast far out beyond the surf with ease and the fast grip ambidextrous handle ensures that you can retrieve powerfully and quickly.

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