Marukyu Method Feeder Carp Special Ground Bait

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Key Features

  • Developed especially for the UK in mind
  • Comprises of 28 main ingredients
  • Marukyu believes its the best on the market
  • Controlled breakdown speed
  • Stimulates fish into feeding
  • Designed to work in method moulds
  • Infused with protein and other attractants
  • Makes a perfect paste
  • Ideal for Carp, Bream, Tench and F1's
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EFG161 Model: EFG161
EFG 161 is our Method special groundbait Developed specifically with the UK in mind, it comprises 28 main ingredients and Marukyu certainly believes it to be the best on the market bar none. With its controlled breakdown speed it is perfect for adding attraction around the feeder over a long period of time. It works continuously and is just what you need in cold conditions. Its cold-water attractants stimulate fish into feeding where other baits fail. It is designed to work with all Method moulds and feeders and the inclusion of Marukyus special additives make this a real winner. AT A GLANCE: - A FINE PARTICLE GROUNDBAIT INFUSED WITH PROTEIN AND COLD WATER ATTRACTANTS. - DEVELOPED FOR EXTREMELY FAST FLAVOUR RELEASE. - MAKES PERFECT PASTE MIXED 1-TO-1 - TARGET SPECIES INCLUDE CARP, BREAM, TENCH, BARBELL AND F1S - A PERFECT METHOD FEEDER BAIT UNIQUE INGREDIENTS Marukyu products have many unique ingredients. The clever part is how these have been blended together to make exceptional baits that catch fish consistently. Take two additives that have been scientifically proven to be highly attractive to coarse fish, carefully formulate them into baits and groundbaits, and then bring them half way around the world to the UK. That's the huge edge that Tanishi (water snail) and Sanagi (Silkworm chrysalis) will bring to anglers who use them. On lightly-stocked venues, the feeding triggers they release will draw fish away from natural food; on pressurised venues, these triggers will over-ride the caution with which fish approach potential food; and because the smell and taste of both natural ingredients is complex, they will not 'blow' and become ineffective in the way that unsophisticated baits laced with artificial flavours may do.

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