Maxima Chameleon - Maxi Spool

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Key Features

  • Super tough, ultra reliable line with high tensile strength characteristics
  • Produced using unique chemical compositions & manufacturing processes
  • Optimum blend of strength & elasticity for superior fishing performance
  • Special surface coating prevents water absorption for consistent strength - wet or dry
  • Hardened surface provides superb abrasion resistance & extra high knot strength
  • Virtually invisible under water
  • Spool Size: 600m
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G0246 Breaking Strain: 5lb, Length: 600m
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G0250 Breaking Strain: 12lb, Length: 600m
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G0244 Breaking Strain: 3lb, Length: 600m
Out of stock
G0247 Breaking Strain: 6lb, Length: 600m
5 in stock
G0251 Breaking Strain: 15lb, Length: 600m
1 in stock
G0245 Breaking Strain: 4lb, Length: 600m
10+ in stock
G0248 Breaking Strain: 8lb, Length: 600m
5+ in stock
G0256 Breaking Strain: 30lb, Length: 600m
Out of stock
G0249 Breaking Strain: 10lb, Length: 600m
3 in stock
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G0242 Breaking Strain: 2lb, Length: 600m
Out of stock
G0258 Breaking Strain: 50lb, Length: 600m
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G0255 Breaking Strain: 25lb, Length: 600m
Out of stock
G0252 Breaking Strain: 18lb, Length: 600m
Out of stock
G0243 Breaking Strain: 2.5lb, Length: 600m
Out of stock
G0253 Breaking Strain: 20lb, Length: 600m
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Maxima Chameleon, No other line can match the strength of Maxima Chameleon. For decades, anglers across the globe have trusted Maxima Chameleon to deliver unparalleled abrasion resistance, knot strength, tensile strength and toughness when the fight is on. Like its namesake, Chameleon, this line has a unique formulation that enables it to change colour hues to match the surrounding water and light conditions. No wonder that steelhead and salmon anglers who fish under some of the most challenging conditions choose Maxima Chameleon. Wherever brute strength is needed or rugged conditions are the norm, Maxima Chameleon excels.

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