Middy Catys & Case Pack

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Key Features

  • This pack contains the following
  • 1x Middy X-Flex Caty
  • 1x Middy Inter-Pro Caty
  • 1x Middy Groundbait Catapult
  • 1x Middy 4L Accessory Case

Tell Me About It

A catapult is an excellent tool on large commercials, allowing you to quickly and easily send a good quantity of bait right across the lake, giving you the advantage of being able to lay a trail of bait from a likely-looking feature that’s right in the middle of a wide lake, too far out for casting, to your peg, luring the fish in front of you.

This set of three catapults from Middy gives you all the functionality you’re likely to need, with a Middy X-Flex Caty, which is perfect for grouping medium-large pellets and particles for effortless casting, a Middy Inter-Pro Caty, which is great for surface feeding on commercial venues, and a Middy Groundbaiting Catapult, which allows you to lob your balls of groundbait over impressive distances.

These three catapults all come in a secure, padded accessory case, which, with an internal mesh pocket, is also suitable for carrying feeders and other small items.

What Discipline Is It For?

These catapults, and their functional accessory pack, are the ideal way to get a bit of advantage in your match fishing.

Why Should I Buy It?

Being able to cast your bait further gives you the ability to turn any peg into  flyer, which could put you ahead of the competition.

What’s The Best Thing About It?

This catapult pack from Middy brings you a catapult for every scenario.

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