Middy Hi-Viz Shock Core

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Key Features

  • Related to the original Hi-Viz
  • Introducing the shock core
  • Very popular, in a short time!
  • Special mix of creamed lattices
  • Incredible strength &stretch
  • Centre made from liquid latex
  • Bright fluorescent outer
  • 3m supplied on a spool
  • Available in three sizes
Grouped product items
Model Item name Price & stock Qty
1606 Colour: Hollow Purple, Size: 26-30
5 in stock
1602 Colour: Hollow Yellow, Size: 6-10
10+ in stock
1600 Colour: Hollow Orange, Size: 4-8
5+ in stock
1601 Colour: Hollow Green, Size: 1-5
4 in stock
1603 Colour: Hollow Red, Size: 12-16
10+ in stock
1605 Colour: Hollow Pink, Size: 10-14
10+ in stock
1604 Colour: Hollow Blue, Size: 18-22
5+ in stock
For many years Hi-Viz elastic has been recognised as probably the best elastic on the market. When Middy added the hollow Shock-Core to its range it was no surprise that it became very, very popular in a short time period. It is made from a special mix of creamed and centrifuged lattices that give it incredible strength and stretch. The centre is made from natural liquid latex with a bright fluorescent outer. You get 3m on a spool and it is available in grades: 1-5 Green, 6-10 Yellow, 12-16 Red and 18-22 Blue.

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