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Nash Dwarf Cork Handle Rod

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Key Features

  • Angling Direct Exclusive Nash Dwarf Cork Rods
  • Limited Edition, quality cork-handles
  • Short pack down performance
  • Offering blanks from 6ft to 10ft and test curves from 2lb-3.5lb
  • These carp rods are yet again, ticking all the right boxes
  • Premium-quality cork-handled rods
  • Designed and customized to meet any angling situation
  • These new NASH Cork Handle Carp Rod has it covered

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T0000 Length: 6ft, Test Curve: 2lb
Out of stock
T0001 Length: 6ft, Test Curve: 3lb
Out of stock
T0002 Length: 9ft, Test Curve: 2.75lb
Out of stock
t0003 Length: 9ft, Test Curve: 3lb
Out of stock
T0004 Length: 9ft, Test Curve: 3.5lb
Out of stock
T0005 Length: 10ft, Test Curve: 2.75lb
Out of stock
T0006 Length: 10ft, Test Curve: 3lb
Out of stock
T0007 Length: 10ft, Test Curve: 3.5lb
Out of stock
Nash Dwarf Cork Handle Rod, Whats that famous saying, good things come in small packages! Well exclusive to Angling Direct and in conjunction with Nash Tackle, now even great things come in small packages! With the long awaiting delivery date looming, we cant contain our excitement any longer! These little corkers, will be in-store and online in the not-to-distant future. Sleek, matte black blanks... subtle yet striking metallic red trim... understated looks... a quality blend of traditional styling and contemporary performance... classic, stunning cork handles... In true Dwarf style, chose from 6ft to 10ft models, test curves from 2lb-3.5lb, and a quality cork-handle, all giving you plenty of power in a size that's ideally suited to keeping in the back of the car, ready and waiting to make the most of those unexpected gleams of possibility, it should be clear by now that we're talking carp rods. But which brand is bringing these rods exclusively to the UK's leading angling retailer? Well, the AD Exclusive cork handled Dwarf carp rods may be small, but we can guarantee that the brand behind them aren't. A name that everyone wants to hear when they're considering buying a new piece of angling kit, Nash conjures quality, creative vision, and an exceptional focus on product development. When all of this angling attention to detail is applied to the new range of Nash Dwarf carp fishing rods, you get immediate, visible proof that, sometimes, good things really do come in small packages. Size isn't everything but the cork handled Nash Dwarf Carp Rod range is perfectly sized for all those ad-hoc anglers out there. Keep an eye on our website, as these rods are going to be hitting home with a powerful punch in the weeks to come.
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