Nash Indulgence Air Frame SS4 Wideboy

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Key Features

  • Ultimate comfort one system for all seasons
  • 4 Leg bedchair frame design
  • Climate control fleece lined twin layer 3/5 season hollow fill duvet with unique body baffles
  • Box ended foot design for better comfort
  • No bulky hand wheel to get in the way
  • One touch adjustable legs with fold flat mud feet
  • Lay flat frame with head section incline through leg adjustment
  • Strengthened oval cellular frame for correct body alignment & support
  • Amazing deep pile foam and hollow fill mattress
  • Luxury, camo, peach skin fabric on mattress & duvet
  • Airflow mesh base to stop you overheating in summer
  • Compression straps for tighter frame closure, with or without the duvet
  • Luxury peach skin dual hollowfibre & foam warm touch pillow (optional extra)
  • Bed size: W94cm x L198cm
  • Packdown size: H98cm x W94cm
Nash Indulgence Air Frame SS4 Wideboy - Sleep System The Nash Indulgence Air Frame SS4 Wideboy Bedchair is so much more than just a bedchair. Featuring layered duvet, body baffles, and deep pile mattress, the Nash Indulgence Air Frame SS4 more closely resembles a luxury bed than a traditional angler’s bechair. In short, the Nash Indugence Air Frame offers a multi-seasonal sleep system solution. Where most bechairs and sleeping bags are designed to perform in primarily cold conditions, the Air Frame SS4 performs to an incredible standard across the seasons, and you will experience as comfortable a night’s sleep in muggy mid-summer as you will in the depths of a bitter winter. In cold conditions, the Nash Indulgence Air Frame SS4 has large body baffles that trap the warm against your body without sacrificing on space for movement. This heat retention system is unrivalled, and will keep your core temperature level all night, even in extreme cold. The deep pile mattress is heavily insulated, so not only does it provide extreme comfort but it also retains warmth throughout the night. In warm conditions, this deep pile mattress can be easily removed. Instead, you are supported by a tightly woven mesh frame, which not only allows air flow but also offers the same amount of body support as the deep pile mattress. In this way, you do not have to sacrifice comfort for warmth. The frame of the bed is simultaneously lightweight and sturdy. Offering a completely flat lay, this is the only bed of its kind to be recommended by physicians to aid those anglers who suffer from back and neck pain. The Wideboy design means that even the most robust of anglers will find this bed comfortable. If you’re looking to invest a bedchair, why not invest in a comprehensive sleep system. The Nash Indulgence Air Frame SS4 Wideboy Bedchair is the only option for the dedicated angler who enjoys fishing all year round.
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