Nash Pinpoint LED Eye Glass

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Key Features

  • Allowing finite inspection of hook points and sharpening work
  • Offers 40 X magnification for absolute clarity
  • White LED lighting for maximum illumination
  • Superior viewing of the finest detail on hook points
  • Supplied in a plastic carry case
  • Fold out design for safe transport and space efficiency

Tell Me About It

Allowing you to see exactly what you’re doing while you sharpen your hooks, this LED Eyeglass from Nash’s Pinpoint range of angling tools magnifies the area you’re working on, giving you clear sight of the surface of your hookpoint, and ensuring that you get a flawless finish.

Supplied with a clear plastic carry case, this Eyeglass is easy to take down to the bank with you, giving you the flexibility to sharpen up your hooks while you fish.

What Discipline Is It For?

Perfect for the active carp angler, this LED Eyeglass from Nash allows you to bring the same focus to your tackle care as you do to your fishing.

Why Should I Buy It?

Sharpening hooks is fiddly work, but the 4x magnification offered by this Eyeglass makes a common sense bankside job that bit easier.

What’s The Best Thing About It?

The magnification offered by the Nash Pinpoint LED Eyeglass means you won’t strain your sight while you’re sharpening up your hooks.

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