Nash Top Rod Spod Cloud Mix

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Key Features

  • Zig fishing spod
  • Made with soluble attractors
  • Hangs high in the water forming a sweet of white cloud with particles/free offerings
  • 1.5kg bags
Nash Top Rod Spod Cloud Mix, Made with soluble attractors in the mix so even when used neat this mix emits water borne stimulus into the area as soon as the spod hits the water. Spod Cloud is a zig fishing spod that hangs high in the water forming a sweet of white cloud with lots of suspended particles/free offerings hanging in the water to create the illusion of a fly hatch. Zig rigs with feed near them achieve better takes than a rig fishing alone. TOP TIPS Add water soluble Fish Frenzy In-juicers to Spod Cloud to further enhance the upper water layers, mix as sloppy as possible for the best cloud. Add food and boilie dips mixed 50/50 or the Arousers to the spod sinking to ping attraction up to the surface. Both mixes also make awesome bases for method mixes and traditional groundbaits; add crushed boilies, particles and Monster Carp Pellet.
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