Phoenix Extending Metal Landing Net Handle

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Key Features

  • Two extending metal landing net handles
  • Twist lock mechanism
  • Available in 2m and 2.5m
  • Super strong yet lightweight
  • Easy to carry with you when roving and stalking
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Phoenix Extending Metal Landing Net Handle

The Phoenix Extending Metal Landing Net Handle is the perfect carp landing net solution for the angler who prefers a roving or stalking style of fishing. Available in either a 2m or 2.5m lengths, this landing net handle ensures that you don’t have to compromise on the amount of reach you get on the bank. If you’re an angler who regularly targets weedy or snaggy swims, swims with high waters, or you use long zig rigs and 13ft carp rods, then the 2.5m option will be perfect for you. Over 8ft, this landing net handle will give you extraordinary reach whilst still packing down to an impressively small size. This makes it not only ideal for the stalking angler but also for the angler who struggles for boot or barrow space but who doesn’t want to compromise on landing net length. The 2m option (approximately 6.5ft) is perfect for the angler who targets a wide variety of swims and venues. This is a similar length to most modern one piece handles but it offers the compact transportation size of a two piece handle – without any of the compromises in strength or durability and without the risk of misplacing pieces both on and off the bank.

Both of the Phoenix Extending Metal Landing Net Handles operate using a twist lock mechanism. This means that you don’t have to worry about the handle collapsing mid-use and it is resistant to rotation – a significant improvement on most other telescopic handle options that will give you the confidence to target larger and harder fighting fish. The handle is constructed from a strong metal, which ensures its resilience to the most intensive of uses whilst also retaining an impressive light weight. In fact, this is one of the biggest benefits of the Phoenix Extending Metal Landing Net Handle that places it head and shoulders above other similar products. Most other modern landing net handles are manufactured from hollow carbon fibre which, whilst being very light in weight, is no where near as durable. This metal landing net handle is incredibly robust, ensuring it can offer a durability that is unheard of with its carbon fibre cousins. However, the Phoenix team has ensured that this handle is also incredibly light weight, making it the ideal tool for landing larger coarse fish and mid-double carp.

As a final feature, the handle is finished with rubber grips. This is to ensure that you can manoeuvre your landing net effectively even when your handles are wet and numb from cold, as they so often are when you’re fishing in the UK. This is the ideal tool for the mobile and stalking angler, as you can simply retract the handle when not in use or when you’re roving through the foliage. What’s more, this is also the ideal tool for the space conscious carp angler who still wants to be able to reach out impressive distances on the water. In short, the Phoenix Extending Metal Landing Net Handle is an ideal addition to any angler’s tackle collection.

This landing net handle is compatible with a huge range of specialist speeder blocks and landing net heads, but please do check for compatibility prior to purchase. If you need any assistance, the Angling Direct customer services team will be more than happy to assist.


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