Premier Floats Cigar Slider

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Key Features

  • Feature a Hi-Viz tip
  • Great bite detection at distance
  • Float and cast brilliantly
  • Perfect for presenting dead baits
  • Available in range of sizes to suit any situation
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134 Size: 1 , Length:115mm
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136 Size: 3, Length: 155mm
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Premier Floats Cigar Slider, If you’re looking for a way to tackle deep water with your standard length pike rod then you need look no further. The Premier Floats Cigar Slider is the perfect tool for the job. Designed in the classic cigar shape, in order to give the float stability in the water, the float has a tube down its centre to ensure that your line can slide through with ease. This makes it the ideal tool to use when you’re targeting pike near the bottom of a deep stretch of water. The Premier Floats Cigar Slider allows you to precisely present your dead bait in the active water column. To do so, simply place a stop on your line at the required distance, then cast your dead bait as normal. Your line will slide through the float until it hits the stop, allowing it to hang significantly deeper than would be possible on a standard float setup. The Premier Floats Cigar Slider is available in small, medium, and large sizes (numbered one, two, or three). These allow you to fish with a variety of differently sized dead baits at a variety of different water depths, giving you the versatility to tackle any situation with confidence. The high-visibility orange tip on the float ensures that it is easy to see even at distance in low light. This means that you’re afforded superb bite detection, even at a long range, which allows you to expertly capitalise on any take. Premier Floats has been producing top quality floats since the turn of the last century, although its roots lay some sixty years previously when founder Ray Sladden first began producing his own floats for predator fishing. The brand is one of the fastest growing in the UK and it prides itself on the 100 percent British construction of all of its products.

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