Prestige Porter Side Bags

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Key Features

  • Makes efficient use of storage space on the barrow
  • There are 2 types in the range
  • Mk4s side bags to cover Evo/mk4s and Power porter
  • This is a very useful accessory
  • They are sold in pairs and fit directly onto the side bars with internal flaps
  • The clip lock lids provide protection against water ingress
  • Fold with side bars and are an example of a very efficient use of space
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SB4 Model: MK4 and Power Porter
SB2 Model: MK2 Carp Porter

Prestige Porter Side Bags,

When it comes to top quality carp fishing barrows there is only one brand that anybody is talking about: Carp Porter. Carp Porter is the leading supplier of premier carp fishing barrows for the dedicated angler. Organisation on the bank is key, so having the right tools to help you to neatly carry all your gear from your boot to swim is vital. The Carp Porter systems allow you to load up your gear and transport it down to the bank in one easy, hassle-free go. With weight-loading technology to ensure that you’re not straining to move your gear, the Prestige Porter ensures that you can get from A to B quickly and easily. Now, to help you to maximise your load when you’re carrying it to and from the bank, the brand has produced these neat Side Bags.

There are two types of Prestige Porter Side Bags in the range, in order to accommodate the two different sizes of the Carp Porter barrows. The first side bag is ideal for use with the Mk2 barrow and the second is perfect for the Evo/Mk4 and Power Porter barrows. Both are made to the same exacting specifications, with the only difference being the size of the bag in order to ensure that it attaches to your barrow neatly and easily. The bags attach to the side bars of your barrow via the use of internal fixing flaps. This means that you don’t have to worry about annoying clips, buckles, or Velcro. Instead, you can simply slide the bag over your side bar, safe in the knowledge that it will be perfectly affixed for the duration of your session – in fact, the only way you bag can fall from your barrow is if you tip it upside down! Due to the bags neat fixture, you can leave them in-situ when you collapse your barrow at the end of the day. Simply empty the bags and then fold your barrow shut for storage as usual. You’ll find that your barrow is every bit as compact as it was without your bags attached, ensuring that your bags are in position and ready for the next time you need to head down to the water’s edge.

Both sizes of the barrow bag are sold in pairs. This means that you can attach one bag to either side of your Carp Porter, ensuring that the weight of your gear is evenly distributed over your barrow in order to aid with tackle transportation. As you will have come to expect from a premier Prestige product, the Porter Side Bags have been manufactured from high-quality materials. This ensures that you don’t have to worry about any annoying rips or tears when you load up your bag – instead you can pack it out with all your essentials with confidence. The bags have been fitted with clip lock lids, too. These allow you to seal the tops of the bags, preventing the risk of tackle items jumping or bouncing out should you be barrowing along rough and uneven terrain. What’s more, these clip lock lids also provide protection against water ingress, preventing damp from spoiling your vital terminal tackle and other angling accessories which you might have stored inside your bags.

If you’re looking for a way to transport all your vital tackle items down to the bank in one easy go then you need look no further than the Prestige Carp Porter Barrow. Designed with carp fishing in mind but suitable for use across the disciplines, Carp Porter is the premier barrow brand on the market to date. These Prestige Porter Side Bags are the perfect accessory for your Carp Porter, designed by the Prestige team for use exclusively with the Carp Porter barrow range. 

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