Preston In-Line Dura Banjo Feeder

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Key Features

  • Part of the ’Inter Change System’
  • Allows the angler to alternate feeder sizes and weights
  • All without disassembling the entire rig
  • The stem remains on the line for the feeder to be changed quickly
  • Easily done via the centrally located groove
  • Protects your rods when packed away, simply remove the feeder
  • No more inline feeders damaging your rod blank in transit
  • The Inter Change System’ is a new dimension in feeder fishing
  • Solid Zinc Alloy construction and multiple configuration options
  • The ICS range provides something for every feeder angler
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PBF/MC45 Size: Micro, Weight: 45g
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P0040034 Size: Small, Weight: 20g
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P0040036 Size: Small, Weight: 45g
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P0040031 Size: Micro, Weight: 20g
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PBF/MC30 Size: Micro, Weight: 30g
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P0040037 Size: Large, Weight: 20g
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Preston In-Line Dura Banjo Feeder, 

Preston is a brand which is committed to the design and production of top end coarse and match fishing products and this latest innovation, the In-Line Dura Banjo Feeder, is no different. This special little feeder boasts some top end differences from all the standard feeders on the market today, which really does set it head and shoulders about the rest.

The first thing you’ll notice about this system is that all the weight is in the feeder itself. This means that you don’t have to worry about rigging up with other additional leads or weights, helping you to maintain accuracy on your cast. This is especially vital when you’re fishing out to long distances, when additional weight could cause your cast to swing wildly off target. With this uniquely weighted feeder system, each cast will soar out with precision and it is ideal for the distance casting angler who wants all the benefits of a traditional feeder system.

However, this is only the beginning when it comes to the benefits of the Preston In-Line Dura Banjo Feeder! The real gem of this system is its easy change ability. You know what it’s like when you want to change up your setup on the water – whether you’re looking to size up your feeder in order to deter the smaller species or vice-versa. It can be a real pain to completely re-rig your entire setup, all for the sake of a minor feeder change, and that fact alone might be enough to deter you from enjoying the benefits that a different feeder might offer you. With the Preston In-Line system, awkward and time consuming feeder changes are a thing of the past! Instead, you simply slip the top cap off the feeder and slide the feeder down the stem. You can then unclip the system from your line and quickly and easily change the size of your feeder. All of the feeders in the Dura Banjo range have been fitted with the same universal stem, so you can interchange them with ease.

The Preston In-Line Dura Banjo is available in three different weights and each weight is available in three different sizes. The heaviest feeder is 45g. This is ideal if you’re looking to fish in particularly fast flowing waters, as it really helps to stick your feeder to the base of your venue and hold it in your perfect position on top of your chosen feature. The medium feeder is 30g. This is the ideal tool for all your intermediate use and it is ideal if you’re someone who likes to target a wide variety of venues for a range of species. Finally, there is the lightest 20g feeder. This has been designed to allow you to cast out on a sensitive setup and it is ideal if you’re fishing for particularly nervous species, when you want your bite indication to be swift and precise. With the huge variety available, there is always a perfect Preston In-Line Dura Banjo for you and they can be used with a wide range of coarse fishing baits to attract your desired species. 

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