Preston Response System Whip 8m

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Key Features

  • Can be used for a wide variety of angling styles
  • Designed for line to hand fishing on rivers and stillwaters
  • Use at it's full 8m length with flick tip fitted this is an ideal option
  • Can also be used for conventional short lining
  • Great on both natural and commercials venues with elastic
  • The tip section can be cut back and fitted with Internal, or External PTFE bush
  • Designed to accommodate up to a number 12 elastic if required
  • The whip is exceptionally light, weighing in at just 283g
  • Incredibly easy to use all day, even in adverse weather conditions
  • The top three kit is telescopic, the rest of the sections are take apart
  • Easily change between different lengths
  • Supplied with a flick tip and one spare additional top 3 kit
  • It has a hollow top section, designed to accommodate pole elastic

Typically associated with match angling, whips are a versatile piece of tackle, and ideal for line to hand fishing on rivers or still waters, making them an interesting option for coarse anglers with no interest in the competitive side of angling, as well as their more common discipline. Lightweight, yet surprisingly powerful for their size, whips also provide an easy way for young anglers to hone the skills that pole fishing, whether as a change-up in regular coarse fishing tactics, or in a fast-paced match setting, will require, as they’re shorter, and less unwieldly for smaller hands.

Suitable for a wide variety of angling styles, the Preston Response System 8m Whip combines ease of use with powerful performance, setting you up for session success whether speed is of the essence in a junior match, or you’re simply exploring the simple pleasures of line to hand coarse fishing on your local river or village pond.  This whip is also suitable for traditional short lining tactics, opening up a world of angling possibilities, and potentially introducing you to a side of your sport you’d never even realised existed.

Designed to be used with number 12 elastic, the Preston Response System is a whip that’s equally at home on natural or commercial venues, meaning you won’t have to spend a fortune creating a tackle kit that can accommodate every whim of your angling life; buy once, buy best, and enjoy your sport session after session, season after season, on any accessible venue that takes your fancy, and holds the fish you want.

The whip boasts a telescopic top three section, while the other sections are take-apart, making the whole thing easy to transport, and ideal for touring match anglers as well as those looking to have all possible outdoor-entertainment bases covered when they head off on holiday.  This practical design also makes it easy to change the length of your whip, allowing you to accurately fish the species and conditions you find yourself facing on the day, and making things just that little bit easier. The tip section can also be cut back, and fitted with an internal or external PTFE bush, if you prefer.  Fished at full length, with the flick tip attached, this whip offers dynamic angling action that you’ll feel every second of, yet is still light enough, at 283g, to be comfortably fished all day, whatever your age or level of experience.

A perfect choice for all round coarse fishing, and a great addition to any match angling set up; why not order your Preston Response System Whip today, and explore a new side of angling?

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