Prologic Mimicry 3D Mirage XP Mono

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Key Features

  • Designed for all round use
  • Usable in a range of water types and scenarios
  • Will suit every day fishing situations
  • Size: 15lbs, 18lbs, 21lbs &25lbs
  • Length: 1000m
  • Colour: Camo
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48434 Length: 1000m, Breaking Strain: 15lb / 7.1kg, Diameter: 0.30mm, Colour: Camo
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48437 Length: 1000m, Breaking Strain: 25lb / 11.3kg, Diameter: 0.38mm, Colour: Camo
10+ in stock

RRP: £31.99 Saving 9%

48435 Length: 1000m, Breaking Strain: 18lb / 8.3kg, Diameter: 0.33mm, Colour: Camo
10+ in stock

RRP: £31.99 Saving 38%

48436 Length: 1000m, Breaking Strain: 21lb / 9.8kg, Diameter: 0.35mm, Colour: Camo
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RRP: £31.99 Saving 22%

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48438 Length: 1000m, Breaking Strain: 29lb / 13.2kg, Diameter: 0.40mm, Colour: Camo
Out of stock
48433 Length: 1000m, Breaking Strain: 13lb / 6.2kg, Diameter: 0.28mm, Colour: Camo
Out of stock

Tell Me About

Over the past few years, Prologic have invested a lot of time and effort in bringing you the unique Mimicry 3D camo technology. A monofilament line that's designed to excel in any scenario and on any water type, this dynamic line is suitable for all your everyday fishing needs, and is designed to deliver when you want a little bit more.

Available in 1000m spools, and breaking strains from 15lbs -25lbs, this is a low diameter line whose unique, blended pattern allows it to be fully absorbed into any surrounding, giving you the ability to sneak up on your target fish no matter how clear or shallow the water.

Crafted for the best performance in any situation, and made for anglers of all abilities, you don't buy Prologic Mimicry; when you acquire it,  you invest in your angling, and take a step closer to achieving your angling ambitions.

What Discipline Is It For?

Prologic's Mimicry 3D Camo excels in any angling situation, but is particularly good for the committed carp enthusiast who's looking to get a good advantage over their quarry.

Why Should I Buy It?

Brought to you on a large spool, the first point in favour of this dynamic line from Prologic is that you should be able to load it in such a way as to limit the incidence of tangles.

After that, it's all about the carefully-crafted pattern, blended for maximum camouflage on any water.

If you want the best chance of catching the best fish, you need the best line - and Prologic Mimicry 3D might just be it.

What's The Best Thing About It?

The unique, 3D crafted camouflage pattern - definitely a way to stand out while you're blending in!

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