Proper Carp Baits Black Seal Shelf Life Boilies

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Key Features

  • Brown in colour, this one also contains LT94 fishmeal
  • As well as the same top quality pre-digested fishmeal
  • High grade liver powder found in the Red Seal
  • High protein milk powders, fenugreek
  • Wheat germ to aide digestion and a special "active"ingredient
  • Esters and Oleoresins together with a highly soluble fish oil
  • High in amino acids finish off this rather special, highly digestible "food bait"
  • This really is a boilie of the highest quality
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BSSL5K14 Size: 14mm, Weight: 5kg
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BSSL1K18 Size: 18mm, Weight: 1kg
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Tell Me About It

An intriguing garlic and blue cheese boilie that’s packed full of the same quality fishmeal attractants and digestion aids you’ll find across the Proper Carp Baits Black Seal range, and available in a choice of boilie sizes and pack weights to suit your needs and your fishing, this is a high quality boilie choice that virtually guarantees plenty of action in a swim that’s been rendered incredibly attractive to passing fish.

What Discipline Is It For?

These dynamic and original boilies make the perfect carp bait.

Why Should I Buy It?

There’s something instantly appealing, on a visual, human level, about the Proper Carp Baits Black Seal range. With an ingredients list that promises to continue that instant appeal subsurface, Proper Carp can be trusted to deliver quality baits that are easily digestible, in flavours that will grab the attention of passing fish, and keep them interested throughout your session, giving you all the action you and your rods can handle.

Garlic and blue cheese isn’t a flavour you come across all that often in boilies, yet blue cheese makes a very effective paste, so, when you buy these baits, you’re buying an edge on hard-fished venues. You’re buying more bites, from bigger fish. You’re buying everyone else on the bank wondering what your secret is.  You can tell them, if you like – or keep it to yourself…

What’s The Best Thing About It?

Unique, original, and engaging flavour.

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