Reuben Heaton 3000 Series Flyweight Mk 2

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Key Features

  • Precision made rack and pinion assembly
  • Dual revolution easy to read dial
  • Retractable top handle
  • Tare/zero facility
  • Tough polystyrene body
  • Format: Imperial only
  • Slim pocket size - L15cm x W10cm
  • Chart diameter: 8cm
  • Extended length: 30cm
  • Overall length at zero – 25.5cm
  • Weight (incl pouch) - 190g
  • Comes complete with protective pouch
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RH3012 TP100 Capacity: 12lb, Divisions: 1/2oz
RH3040 TP100 Capacity: 40lb, Divisions: 1oz

Reuben Heaton 3000 Series Flyweight Mk 2

Reuben Heaton is one of the UK’s oldest tackle manufacturers and the brand originally began trading 1857. The first products to roll from the production line were centrepin reels and they soon became the most recognised of their kind. At the same time, the brand began manufacturing its famous scales, which were selling in their tens of thousands by the turn of the twentieth century. Reuben Heaton was the most prolific fishing company in the UK pre-first world war, cementing Mr Heaton as a pioneer of the tackle industry. The Reuben Heaton name remains synonymous with quality, both of design and production, and the brand is and engineering expert. Today, the brand focuses the entire might of its production on fishing scales, allowing the Heaton team to refine their skills until they achieve perfection. These 3000 Series Flyweight Mk2 scales are just one of the exceptional scales in the range.

The Reuben Heaton 3000 Series Flyweight Mk2 Scales are the most precise pocket scales in the brands history. These scales are designed for the angler who doesn’t want to feel weighed down by unnecessary equipment on the bank but who still wants to be able to accurately weigh any of the fish they land. The Flyweight Mk2s come in at a mere 190g. This includes the weight of the protective pouch, which comes supplied with the scales as standard. These scales are only 15cm long and 10cm wide, ensuring that they will fit comfortably into any pouch of your carp fishing luggage. They will also fit into most of the pockets of your exiting angling clothes, making these scales the ideal solution for the roving or mobile angler.

Despite the scale’s small size, it is still able to boast an 8cm chart diameter. This ensures that you are never at risk of misreading theses scales and they are extremely clear to view at a glance. The Reuben Heaton 3000 Series Flyweight Mk2 Scales show weights in imperial measurements only. This ensures that you never experience any confusion when reading these scales and the measurements go up to 40lbs. This allows you to weigh the vast majority of the UK carp that you’re likely to catch, as well as a range of other species – including coarse fish and predators. The display operates on a dual revolution system. This means that if the arrow circles around the chart once, it will display weights between 0lbs and 20lbs. On the second rotation, the chart is displaying weights between 21lbs and 40lbs. With a tare/zero facility, these scales are guaranteed to give you a completely accurate reading time after time and the scales are fitted with a tubular balance system to allow you to hook them from almost any object whilst on the bank whilst still providing exceptionally accurate readings.

As with all Reuben Heaton products, these scales are exceptionally hard wearing. The Reuben Heaton 3000 Series Flyweight Mk2 Scales are manufactured from a tough polystyrene body. This ensures that these scales can offer the kind of durability that you will have come to demand from the brand, whilst also maintaining the low weight of the product.

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