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Rive Drawer Organisers

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Key Features

  • A range of module and accessories
  • Different heights from 30mm to 60 mm
  • Set up your storage capacity
  • Optimize your organisation during fishing
  • Available in 4 sizes and colours
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62 60 71 Size: 30mm (5 kinds), Colour: Yellow
62 60 75 Size: 30mm (5 kinds), Colour: Light Purple
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Discontinued product items
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62 60 85 Size: 60mm (3 kinds), Colour: Purple
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62 60 81 Size: 60mm (5 kinds), Colour: Pink
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Rive Drawer Organisers

It almost goes without saying that organisation on the bank is the key to success. This is true of all disciplines but it is especially true when you look at match fishing. Seat boxes go a long way to improving match fishing organisation and if you’re looking to invest in a top quality seat box then you need look no further than the Rive brand. The brand has designed and manufactured a range of different seat boxes, each of which offers something slightly different for the discerning angler. What’s more, the Rive seat box range comes in at a variety of budgets, too, so you are always able to invest in a seat box system that is perfectly suited to your needs. However, Rive understands that a seat box alone is not enough to completely organise your range of match fishing gear, which is why the brand has manufactured a range of seat box accessories to complement its complete range of boxes. These accessories include the likes of side trays, footplates, and pole support systems. They also include this impressive range of Rive Drawer Organisers.

The Rive Drawer Organisers are available in four different colours. Much like the Rive winder system, each colour denotes a slightly different quality. This makes the contents of your drawers easy to see as soon as you open your drawer, as you can indentify the different tackle types by the colour of the organisers. There are two different sizes of organisers available. The largest of these is a 60mm deep option. This is available in a dark purple option as well as a bright pink colour. The dark purple organiser features three rows of compartments. The first row is a third of size of the organiser and, as the deepest in the range, this compartment offers you the largest amount of storage space possible. This makes it the perfect option for your largest tackle items. The four additional storage compartments in this organiser use the remaining two thirds of the tray. These are perfect for large tackle items, too. The bright pink option has been split into five rows and it offers eight individual storage compartments. Two of these are a fifth of the overall drawer pace, making them perfect for the storage of longer and thinner tackle items. The remaining six segments offer a mix of square and rectangular storage options which are perfect for all your midsized storage. Both of these drawer organisers are compatible with a range of 60mm Rive trays and drawers.

The second of the depth options is 30mm and, once again, there are two colour options available. Both of these drawer organisers are ideal for 30mm trays, as well as for double stacking in 60mm trays or drawers. The first colour option available is a light purple option. This offers nine different storage compartments in three different sizes. The largest two of these offer a fifth of the storage space of the entire tray each. These are ideal for your longer and thinner smaller tackle items. The next two fifths of the tray have been split into four sections. These offer mid-sized rectangular tackle storage and are perfect for a variety of items. The final fifth offers three square storage options. These are perfect for your smaller tackle items. The final drawer option is in a bright yellow colour and it offers 10 different compartments for extreme tackle organisation. As with the light purple option, two fifths are taken up with two long rectangular compartments and two fifths have been split into four rectangular compartments. The final fifth of this organiser has been split into four small thin rectangles. These are perfect for your very smallest tackle items. If you’re looking for a superior way to store your tackle, so you can quickly and accurately access precisely the gear you need when you need it, then these Rive Drawer Organisers are perfect for you.

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