Rive RS1 D36 Seat Box

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Key Features

  • Aluminium frame including the corners
  • New wider cushion
  • New locking system for the HSP plateform
  • OPEN Stirrup
  • Coloured corner and backplate are switchable
  • More space on the HSP plateform
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11 89 24 Rive RS1 D36 Seatbox, Colour: Mango
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From 2006 onwards, match anglers have borne witness to a quiet revolution, which delivered better results, superior comfort, and ultimate convenience in bold, striking style that. Once seen, Rive seat boxes are never forgotten, and when you've used one in your own five hour stints of focused activity, you'll never want to go back.

Thanks to the distribution efforts of Nathan Hughes, a brand which has long been a firm favourite on the Continent is now widely available to British anglers who are looking for a seatbox they can tailor to the wide variety of venues that the modern day match angler will find themselves fishing. From large commercials to narrow canals, contemporary match angling demands a lot of adjustment, and seatboxes such as Rive's D36 have more than delivered, both in terms of practicality and aesthetics. Attractive seat boxes that are designed with the angler in mind; that's the name of Rive's match essentials game.

Featuring a full aluminium frame, including aluminium corners, the D36 offers the kind of lightweight strength that an active angler needs, and which will stand the test of time on a variety of venues, and the road trips that take you there.

Rive set a new standard in seat box design, which has been replicated by other manufacturers in recent years. From the HSP platform, which gives a stable, quick-locking set up,to the open stirrup system, which allows legs to be removed or added on while the box is in situ, making it quick and easy to adapt your seatbox to the venue you find yourself on, and the kind of support your angling style will need on the day, Rive is a brand that's all about angler-focused functionality, and right-first-time design. 36mm diameter legs, the widest on the market, offer unrivalled stability, making the D36 the go-to seat box for the match angler who's always on the move, and never knows what they're going to face from one competition to the next. If you need to be ready for anything, you need the Rive D36.

One of the best things about this seatbox is that older accessories will typically fit newer boxes, making it a more affordable choice, overall, than many apparently 'cheaper' brands on the market, and giving harassed anglers a far easier time when it comes to getting a set up that's familiar, comfortable, and proven to work for them. Designed with storage in mind, Rive creates seat boxes that give anglers an intuitive, tailored place for all the tackle you'll need out on the peg, allowing you to make the most of what is often a very small space, and optimise your angling performance.

The D36 is available in a range of bold, bright colours that are unmistakably Rive, and which allow you to set your own style on any venue. From regal purple and cool aqua, to the vibrant heat of inferno red, and the fruity appeal of mango, there's a Rive colour to suit everyone, with interchangeable back and corner plates to really make your box your own.

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