Sensas Aromix Scopex Liquid

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Key Features

  • Concentrated liquid bait additive
  • Infuses groundbait right to the core
  • Keeps fish interested &active over long period of time
  • Size: 500ml

Sensas Crazy Bait Aromix Scopex

Sensas has been innovative since day one, literally. It originated as a cooking oil manufacturer in the 1960s, then make the bold choice to recycle press cakes (a by-product in the oil process) into fishing bait. This innovation lead the company to become the biggest supplier of fish bait in France, then Europe and now it is the most successful bait company in the world. Cutting edge ideas and design have always been at the forefront of Sensas and the quality and unique features of its baits are the main reasons behind its global success. This Sensas Aromix Scopex is one of it triumphs and will help you catch fish when you’re down on the bank.

Sensas Aromix Scopex is a concentrated liquid bait additive that will get carp desperate to be in your swim. Its intense attractors and stimulants will make your hook irresistible to any fish in the area, so you have the best chance to reel in the biggest carp in the river. Sensas knows how important a component bait is when angling, so it has designed this excellent bait that will enrich your fishing session by attracting as many fish as possible to your swim, for long enough that you are able to get them onto the bank. With this bait additive, you’ll be reeling in the carp of your dreams on your rod in no time.

This brilliant liquid bait additive infuses groundbait right to the core. This will ultimately make your groundbait more intensely attractive for fish, and the attractant will be active over a longer period of time because it goes much deeper than surface level, unlike some other liquid additives. If you want to keep fish interested and in your swim for longer, then this is the liquid bait additive for you. Your groundbait will become too tempting to resist, and you’ll soon have a school of carp in your swim to reel in.

Sensas has designed this liquid bait additive to directly target carp. It will give your groundbait the extra pulling power it needs by adding attractors and stimulants that carp are simply unable to resist. Your groundbait mix might be able to attract a few carp on its own, but it will be a great deal more effective with this liquid additive; you’ll certainly notice a difference when you use it down on the bank.

This Aromix Scopex helps to reduce the particle action of the mix, which makes it more inert. This makes sure that the stimulant’s effect lasts a longer amount of time; it won’t dissolve straight away and you can enjoy the benefits of this liquid bait additive for the entirety of your angling session without having to top up.

This additive is in the form of a concentrated liquid and it is advised to use a quarter of a bottle to one litre of water. In strong currents, however, you should increase this to half a bottle per litre of water.  It comes in bottles of 500ml and this will absolutely be enough for you to enhance your groundbait and feel the difference and power of the attractants.

If you want to optimise the attractant and power of your bait, it is good to know that powdered additives disperse much more rapidly and work best when added to a mix at the last moment. It is recommended that you should use a powdered additive to draw fish in quickly and to couple this with a liquid additive mixed through the groundbait to hold them in your swim for longer. Liquid flavourings and additives impregnate groundbaits right to the core, so your groundbait will be completely entrenched in the stimulant.

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