Shimano Tribal Velocity Spod Rod

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Key Features

  • Exclusive to Angling Direct!
  • HPC 100 plus Biofibre blank material
  • Perfect combination of distance and accuracy
  • Stainless steel-framed Hardlite guides
  • Designed for strength and durability
  • EVA handle for casting grip and ease of cleaning
  • Length: 12ft
  • Test Curve: 5lb
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TVEL12500S Shimano Tribal Velocity Spod/Marker Rod, Length: 12ft, Test Curve: 5lb
Out of stock

If you like the Tribal range of Shimano rods, you’ll definitely want to add the Velocity Spod/Marker Rod to your carp fishing tackle collection.

Exclusively available through Angling Direct, this 12ft rod packs a 5lb test curve, sending spods and Spombs out to a distance of up to 150yards in the hands of an experienced angler with a well-developed casting technique, and allowing you to present a full load of spod bait to those elusive marginal carp with ease, hopefully luring them over to your line during the course of a session.

Designed for distance and accuracy, the Velocity is the ideal rod for the experienced carp angler who knows what they’re doing, and is focused on gathering the kit that ensures they can do it right, and better, every single time, and reap the rewards of a powerful, high-performance blend of skill and set up.  With a HPC 100 high-pressure carbon blank, reinforced with Biofibre, stainless steel, double-legged Hardlite guides, and an easy-care EVA handle, this Shimano rod is designed and built for strength and durability, with the EVA handle offering excellent grip against a strong cast, and during powerful action, and the double-legged guides providing an increased recovery rate and beautiful blank which loads fantastically through the cast in a smooth, sure action.

The 50mm anti-scratch aluminium butt guide is ideal for those anglers who favour gravelly swims, but still like to keep their tackle looking good.

While this rod is compatible with all spod reels, it performs best with the Shimano Aertex XTB 10,000, with the pairing providing assured, powerful spod baiting perfection.

Shimano have earned a well-deserved reputation for creating quality, high performance products, with excellent attention to detail and small finishing touches, such as the handwritten style of their signature branding, that set their products apart from the competition, both on initial visual assessment and once in dynamic, action-packed use.  Everything about the Shimano factory is geared towards precision and perfection, and that focus definitely shows in their products, particularly the Tribal range of fishing rods.

This is a premium quality, limited edition exclusive for Angling Direct customers, which keen carp anglers and loyal Shimano fans will definitely want to get in on.  Spod fishing helps you find your carp, and potentially your new personal best, while the Shimano  Velocity range of carp fishing rods help you find your tribe, whether on the bank or in the water, at commercial swims or secret locations.

Angling Direct are also offering an exclusive on Shimano Tribal Velocity Cork Handled Carp Rods, which again are a strictly limited edition item – why not buy both the EVA and cork handled Velocity rods, and, if you don’t already have a collection of superior rods from this quality brand, make a good start on getting one under way?

Spod baiting is a popular feeding method, particularly during competitive angling matches where time is of the essence, and at popular commercial venues, where fish have become cautious of bait presented close to the bank.  However, as spod rockets are larger and heavier than traditional feeder baits, it’s not advisable to present them from a standard rod and reel – doing so risks you losing your spod, and potentially damaging your tackle on the cast.  Standard reels also often present spod bait quite heavily, which tends to spook carp, and send them dashing away from your hookbait, and out of your swim. 

The Shimano Tribal Velocity is a full-throttle powerhouse of a spod rod, and ideal for successful, targeted delivery in any conditions, and over almost any distance.  It performs well, looks good, and makes an ideal addition to your carp fishing tackle arsenal.

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