Snowbee CDC Owls Fly Selection

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  • Plenty of choice for fly anglers
  • Everything for large and small still water anglers
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Snowbee CDC Owls Fly Selection, These flies range from the natural, with optimum presentation in mind, to the extremely simple and wildly successful, modern flies of today. Plenty of choice for large and small still water anglers, with some great new, must have patterns for the new season. The newest of these, all representing the latest thinking and materials in modern fly design, consist of a Magnificent 7 of the best Midas dries (one of THE most modern and successful dry flies today) on a single card. Also, for dries, Snowbee have added 7 popular and finely tied CDC Owls in an assortment of colours. There are three new infallible nymph selections. The first with 7 Muskins (light weight Buzzer/Cruncher hybrids), 7 popular Reservoir Buzzers and 7 of the finest, most natural and desirable Quill Buzzers in a choice of the most popular colours. For subsurface daphnia feeders and inquisitive but difficult or aggressive fish, Snowbee have added a range of small fritz selection flies to be used as deadly stimulator patterns. Finally, there is a modern, generic Stillwater selection, consisting of a small range from some of the above, for a carded selection. never to leave home without! Most of the Stillwater patterns are un-weighted but some have added weight for optimum movement and depth control. These possess that magic, extra appeal which fish cannot resist. In summary, twenty-three faithful and reliable selections of flies that one dare not venture fly fishing without!
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