Solar P1 Travel-Lite Banksticks

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Key Features

  • 6"to 9"(170mm to 235mm)
  • 9"to 13"(220mm to 335mm)
  • 12"to 19"(300mm to 490mm)
  • 16"to 27"(400mm to 690mm)
  • 20"to 34.5"(500mm to 880mm)
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P1TL6 Size: 6inch To 9inch
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P1TL9 Size: 9inch To 13inch
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RRP: £26.50 Saving 0%

P1TL12 Size: 12inch To 19inch
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P1TL16 Size: 16inch To 27inch
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P1TL20 Size: 20inch To 34.5inch
5+ in stock

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Solar P1 Travel-Lite Banksticks

The Solar P1 Travel-Lite Banksticks are at the forefront of the industry and are considered to be the only choice for many anglers when it comes to single stick set ups. This is due to them being extremely light weight as well as long lasting. If you are an avid carp fisher and you are looking to set up your rod on the bank, then look no further than using these fantastic banksticks to do just that. The popular style currently for these banksticks are stainless steel so be assured that you are using the best on the market.

The Travel Lite Banksticks do exactly what they say on the box, they are incredibly lightweight allowing you to easily bring them to and from the bank. You could throw them into your carp fishing luggage in order to easily and safely carry your banksticks to and from your destination, safe in the knowledge that they won’t weigh down your gear.

Let’s talk sizes; the banksticks come in different sizes to suit your every need. They are available in these sizes because we know that you need them for a variety of different reasons and these banksticks have been made so that they can suit all of your different purposes, from carp fishing to specialist fishing. The smallest bankstick is the range is the 6 inch option, which can be adjusted between 6 inches and 9 inches. This is ideal for the angler who likes to fish with a low profile setup. The sizes increase to the largest 20 inch option. This can be adjusted all the way up to 34.5 inches. This size is ideal for the angler who has long foliage to contend with on the bankside. By pairing the different sizes together you can completely modify your setup, kicking your rod tips up into the air in order to avoid snags for angling your tip downwards till it practically touches the water. With a Solar P1 Travel-Lite Bankstick collection the choice is yours.

The new P1 Lite Banksticks now have the five spoke, Diamond Grip Adjustment collars as well as having the improvement of an internal locking system. This function not only works exceedingly well but it is also acclaimed as being one of the best on the market. If you are looking for a great buy, then look no further as this product has been streamlined to have a great design that alleviates any line snags that can occur from thumbscrew-type banksticks. Not everything has changed however as these banksticks have retained their original Ground Driver points which are perfect for even the toughest of grounds. You do not need to worry that the terrain will be too difficult for this great product. This bankstick has a specially developed drill head which is unparalleled in its efficiency, ensuring it can cut through the baked summer earth or the frozen spring soil as effectively as it can a moist autumn bank.

There is even 1K carbon detailing which has ensured that these banksticks are in a whole other category of their own both in terms of style and efficiency. This also further increases the impressive strength of the product and you won’t run the risk of damaging these banksticks when you’re faced with solid terrain. These banksticks are completely compatible with the rest of the Solar bankware range, too.

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