Sonik SK-TEK Framed Cradle

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Key Features

  • Ultimate in Fish Protection
  • Keeps fish safe and off the ground
  • HD PVC fish friendly lining
  • Compact folding design
  • Side water drainage mesh
  • Extendable levelling legs with swivel mud feet
  • Velcro secure top lap with kneeling pad
  • Padded top frame bars and corners
  • HD PVC backed carry bag
  • Assembled: W 120cm x D 64cm x H 35-43cm
  • Transport: W 65cm x D 68cm x H 18cm

Tell Me About It

Offering you the ultimate in fish protection, the Sonik SK-TEK framed cradle raises fish off the ground, keeping them fully protected while they’re out of the water. With heavy duty, fish friendly PVC lining and side water drainage mesh, this cradle features extendable levelling legs with swivel mud feet, ensuring that even on sloping or uneven banks, your cradle is level, stable, and supportive for fish of all sizes, including large, lively carp. The top frame bars and corners of the cradle are padded, ensuring that, no matter how much it thrashes about, a fish can’t come to harm while on the cradle, and the Velcro fastening top lap comes complete with a kneeling pad, allowing you to stay close to your fish, so that you can be aware of its condition throughout its time on the bank.

The cradle features a compact folding design, and is supplied in a carry bag that’s backed in heavy duty PVC, making it easy to transport, and meaning there’s never any reason not to take the very best care of the fish you catch.

What Discipline Is It For?

Ideal for ensuring that carp are safe while they’re out of the water, the framed cradle is also suitable for other fishing disciplines, including coarse and specialist fishing.

Why Should I Buy It?

As an angler, you want to ensure any fish you catch are returned to the water in the best possible condition, ready to give someone else a good fight another day. Protecting your catch while its on the bank, so you can release it quickly and smoothly, is part and parcel of being an effective angler, and this framed cradle gives full support to all the coarse fish you’re likely to come across.

What’s The Best Thing About It?

Being able to keep fish off the ground while they’re on the bank lessens the chances that they will cause themselves damage or injury, and gives you the pleasure of watching a healthy fish swim strongly away.

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