Sonubaits Bloodworm Fishmeal Feed Pellet

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Key Features

  • Enhanced with concentrated bloodworm flavour
  • Ideal for using on a method feeder or in a pellet feeder
  • They can also be fed through a catapult
  • Or pole pot or as a banded pellet
  • Coated in a special bloodworm flavour
  • Available in sizes: 2mm, 4mm or 6mm
  • Supplied in a 900g bag
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S0800001 Size: 2mm
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S0800003 Size: 6mm
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S0800002 Size: 4mm
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S0800028 Size: 8mm
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The Sonubaits Bloodworm Fishmeal Feed Pellets can be used straight from the bag, or if you are wanting to use a moist feed on your match fishing sessions then soak these pellets.

The feed pellets are available in 3 different sizes, 2mm, 4mm and 6mm in quantities of 900g per bag. Sonubaits suggests that those using the 2mm pellets to soak them for 2 minutes before leaving them to stand for 30 minutes. The soaked 2mm pellets are then ready for you to use wrapped around a method feeder, added to ground bait or cupped in as they are. 

The 4mm pellets can be used straight from the bag with a catapult or cupped in, to help them sink quicker just add a small quantity of water and stir well. These pellets can be softened by soaking them in water for 4 minutes and then let them stand for 30 minutes. Once they have been softened they are perfect for a pellet feeder. Lastly, the 6mm pellets can be used exactly the same as the 4mm pellets, just soak for 6 minutes and then let them stand for 30 minutes.

Made from good quality fishmeal's, these feed pellets have been enhanced with concentrated bloodworm flavour and boast a bright red colouring just like a bloodworm.

Sonubaits also suggests using its feed pellets with the Sonu baits Stiki pellets and these can be rolled up together into a ball that will dissolve when placed in water.

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