SonuBaits Hemp and Hali Crush

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Key Features

  • High food content
  • Versatile mix
  • Use it as a method mix, stick mix, feeder mix, spodded or just balled in to create a bed of particles
  • Pack Weight: 2kg

SonuBaits Hemp and Hali Crush

If you’re looking for the premier bait to revolutionise your modern angling then you need look no further than this offering from Sonubaits. Part of the brand’s already impressive Supercrush range, the Hemp and Hali Crush groundbait is sure to enable you to up your angling game. Highly versatile and very potent, this is an oil-rich mix which has been proven to perform excellently throughout the seasons. It has also been proven across the species, and a range of match, coarse, and specimen fish have all fallen to Sonubaits Hemp and Hali Crush mix.

Sonubaits Hemp and Hali Crush is manufactured from 95% hemp and halibut pellets, which have been crush together in order to allow their aroma’s to mix. The mix of pellets is vital, as it adds two different oil elements into the water – for maximum attraction. Hemp produces a very light oil, which comes off quickly in water. This immediately attracts fish to the area, giving you an instant pull. Halibut oil, on the other hand, is much heavier and as such it ekes out of the crushed pellets for considerably longer. Although this doesn’t have the immediate attraction of hemp, it has the ability to hold the fish in the area for a prolonged period of time – increasing the chance of a take. Similarly, the mix contains different sizes of pellets. The smaller particles in the mix have been designed in order to keep the fish grubbing around in the area, which once again increases your chance of a take. The larger particles in the mix provide the real nutritional value for the fish and act as the reward for their continued grubbing.

Sonubaits Hemp and Hali Crush is an incredibly versatile mix and it can be used in a number of ways in order for you to get the best out of your time on the bank. One popular way to fish this mix is by damping it down and balling it up, allowing you to create a bed of particle quickly and effectively. Another popular method of targeting the water with Sonubaits Hemp and Hali Crush is by creating a stick mix. This creates an area of feed which pulls the fish in whilst simultaneously disguising your hair rig and terminal tackle. This makes it a highly effectively tactic for a range of coarse and match fishing scenarios – as well as for a variety of specimen fishing conditions. Whether you want to spod in a bed of groundbait, pack out a method feeder, or create boilie-style balls of bait around your tackle, Sonubaits Hemp and Hali Crush is the perfect choice for you.

The Sonubaits Hemp and Hali Crush mix comes in bags of 2kg, so you won’t run short in a hurry and it offers excellent value for money. Welsh International, Lee Edwards, and specimen expert, Alan Stagg, both swear by this mix and they use it for a huge range of their warm and cold weather angling. If you’re looking for a versatile and highly effective groundbait, which has been made with quality ingredients and offers a high nutritional value, then you can’t go wrong with Sonubaits Hemp and Hali Crush.

Sonubaits has been manufacturing top quality bait for a number of years and it works with a team of world class consultants. The brand is committed to producing bait that isn’t only highly effective but is also highly nutritious – giving both the angler and the fish exactly the things they need to thrive on the bank and in the water. Working at the forefront of bait innovation, Sonubaits is continually revising its ingredient lists in order to ensure that it is bringing you only the most effective baits and additives on the market.

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