Sonubaits F1 Stiki Method Pellet

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Key Features

  • Available in 2 sizes: 2mm or 4mm
  • Simply add 150ml of water to prepare
  • Perfect for the method or pellet feeder
  • Supplied in a 650g bag
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S0800013 Size: 2mm, Weight: 650g
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S0800014 Size: 4mm, Weight: 650g
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If you utlilise a Method Feeder in your fishing, you need to ensure your pellets stay on the feeder through the cast, impact with the water and drop to the bottom before the pellets break away from the feeder, revealing the hookbait.

F1 Stiki Method Pellets from SonuBaits has been treated with a special binding agent that when it comes into contact with water activates and causes the pellets to stick to each other and the Method Feeder. Because of the small amount of water required to activate them it means the pellets stay quite hard so they can be compacted onto a Method Feeder easily and you can be sure that they will stay on through the cast, but as soon as they hit the bottom they will start breaking away from the feeder.

Simply pour a bag of Stiki Method Pellets into a bowl, add 150ml (1/4 pint) of water and stir until all the water is absorbed evenly and the pellet is ready to be used with a Method Feeder.

F1 Stiki Method Pellets contain highly digestible, premium grade fishmeal along with a low amount of fish oil and F1 Flavour making them the perfect pellet for any commercial venue and all coarse fish especially carp F1's and skimmers.


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