SonuBaits Oozing Barbel & Carp Pellets

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Key Features

  • High level of soluble ingredients
  • Intense flavours and colour
  • The oozing trail will leak off these baits for up to 24 hours
  • Extremely effective at catching carp and barbel
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S1960011 Flavour: Halibut
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SonuBaits Oozing Barbel & Carp Pellets, 

Since the beginning, Sonubaits has strived to create the best baits for the modern angler, with innovation and original ideas being at the head of their product designs. Working closely with teams of consultants who are experts in their field helps it to do this, along with listening to the opinions of anglers like yourself to find out exactly what it is that today’s fishermen want from the performance of their bait in each and every discipline and situation, whether its carp fishing or specialist. Combining this with its extensive knowledge of fish behaviour, comprehensive sources to get the best possible ingredients and excellent manufacturing facilities is a winning combination.

They use all of this to create the most helpful and unique baits available on the market today. These Oozing Pellets that are extremely effective at catching carp and barbel are only one example of its triumphs. With these baits, you’ll be reeling in even more fish thanks to the strength of its attractors that are absolutely irresistible to fish and are able to penetrate the murky waters around the UK.

Sonubaits knows extremely well that barbel and carp have a very acute sense of smell and taste and that they spend most of their time in flooded and murky water in search for food. It used this information to its advantage to create pellets that are specially designed to draw them out and onto your waiting hook with their intense flavour and vivid colours which are effective in even in the worst of conditions. The alluring flavours and colours will send fish heading straight for your hook, and you’ll be able to see exactly where your bait has sunk. These pellets will revolutionise the way you fish; the innovation of Sonubaits is exceptional and it comes through clear with its product designs. They are available in the flavours: Halibut, Cheesy Garlic and Spicy Sausage. Each flavour is distinct and irresistible for carp and barbel; there’s no way they’d be able to resist the temptation of these Oozing Pellets.

These Oozing Carp and Barbel Pellets contain a high level of soluble ingredients including incredibly strong flavours and colours. Once these pellets have been submerged in the water, you can see the flavour and colouring leaking off them and forming a cloud around the bait. This makes your hookbait visible in even the murkiest of waters and lets the flavour leak off downstream to attract even more unsuspecting fish towards your hook, so you can catch more fish than ever. The oozing trail will leak off these baits for up to 24 hours so the effect will last you a whole day of fishing. You will no longer have to use a load of bait to attract those illusive fish thanks to the intensity of these pellets, even if you recast a few times a day, making them great value for money.

The pellets are dumbbell-shaped and soft from the pot which means they can be easily pushed through with a baiting needle for hair rigging, making them superbly versatile. Not only that, but they have the perfect density and durability for hair rig presentations, even in the strongest of flows. The combination of hair rigging and these Oozing pellets is a sure success when fishing for bottom feeders like carp, you’ll be reeling them in in no time. You can use these exceptional Oozing Pellets in whatever way you prefer to angle; one thing is for sure, you’ll get more fish on the bank than you ever did before without these brilliant baits. Their powerful flavours and bright colours makes them not only stand out on the shelf but in the water too. 

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