SonuBaits Salted Nut Crush Groundbait

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Key Features

  • Highest quality, human grade ingredients
  • Contains fishmeal and crushed pellets
  • Contains dried &roasted ground nuts
  • Added salt for flavour enhancement
  • Fairly sticky heavy mix
  • Perfect for a Method Feeder
  • Ideal for targeting bigger Carp
Sonu Baits Salted Nut Crush Groundbait, Nuts have a proven track record with carp finding them irresistible, they also seem to help catch the bigger carp more regularly, and it is these big carp that I am after when I fish a lot of matches. I talked with Sonubaits about my need to select out the bigger carp to win matches and my theory that there may be some ingredients such as nuts which actively do this. They set about developing the range and started to compile a list of possible ingredients. We decided to get the nuts in flour form so they have already been ground down and dried, some of the nuts are roasted before they are ground to enhance their flavour and taste. The nut flours are all of the highest quality and all of them are human grade and also used in the food industry. We experimented with different blends of nut flours and eventually came up with a combination which we firmly believed to be the best which combines the nutty, roasted flavour and taste of some of the flours with the weetness and crunchiness of some of the others. To our final blend of nut flours we added salt to really enhance the taste and also give the fish something which they crave. Salt in low levels is very important to freshwater fish as they are constantly regulating the salt content of their body using a process called osmoregulation, they need salts to survive and are constantly absorbing it from the foods they eat and the environment they are in. We used this unique and natural nutty flavour to develop the range and the most important for me is the groundbait, I needed a fairly sticky heavy mix so Sonubaits put a fishmeal and crushed pellet blend together and mixed this with the nut blend and this is how Salted Nut Crush came about. It is perfect for a Method Feeder because the fishmeals and crushed pellet bind well to the feeder and the mixed nut blend has light and heavy nut particles in it so the majority stay on the bottom with the odd one popping up which makes bigger carp inquisitive. Through the summer the range really comes in to its own with the Pastes, Soft Hookers Pellets, Bandums and Feed Pellet all playing an important part in selecting the bigger carp out of the peg which is the key to winning more matches.
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