Korda Masterclass - Big Hit Carp Fishing in Spring

When it comes to building up a big catch of fish over the course of a session and getting the best from your swim, Korda Koach, Rob Burgess is an expert, and in this Big Hit Fishing Masterclass he reveals the tips and tricks that can make all the difference.

For this Masterclass, Rob heads over to France fishing at the renowned Crete Lakes complex, which is known for producing numbers of big carp if you get it right, including some huge fish to over 70lb, and Rob has opted to fish Lake 5.

He goes through exactly how he starts off a session on this type of busy holiday venue, and looks at how he builds from that and learns throughout the course of the week, in order to catch as many fish as possible – and in this case, that includes moving swim to an area that was free, due to the number of fish he’d seen there and despite having caught from where he started. Showing the difference between just trying to catch some fish versus wanting to catch as many as possible.

He goes in depth into the way he tackles a swim and the type of spots that he is looking for, as well as how he baits the spots, and the way in which that evolves over the course of the session as he learns more about the times of day when bites are coming. This is one of the most important factors as he doesn’t want to be recasting or baiting up at bite times, which in this case proves to be the early morning period, and how he ensures everything is ready the previous evening, even though he knows it is likely to be some time before the fish turn up on his spots.

Rob also emphasises the importance of making the most of those relatively small windows of opportunity each day and being organised as much as possible in terms of being able to put on a fresh rig and hookbait and get the rod back on the spot as quickly as possible and to hopefully turn one bite into several in quick succession. Going into detail about the rigs he is using and why he has set them up in the way that he has, as well as focussing on his hookbaits and how at times, small tweaks with colours or flavours can make a big difference. The mix that he is baiting with also plays a part, and he talks through exactly what goes into it and why.

Rob ends up enjoying a great session, including some very big carp, and shows what can happen when you do get it right and work your swim as well as you can do.

Whilst this session was filmed at a French commercial lake and anyone going to those types of venue can learn loads from it – the tactics he uses will work at a wide variety of different water – this Masterclass is also packed full of useful information that will help you catch more carp, wherever you are fishing.


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