Trakker Padded Shoulder Strap

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Key Features

  • Foam filled clip-on shoulder strap
  • Extendable webbing straps
  • 40cm x 10cm padded area ensures comfort while carrying
  • Material: 600D polyester
  • Dimensions: L 145cm (extended)

Trakker Padded Shoulder Strap, 

Trakker is a brand which is constantly looking for innovative and revolutionary solutions to everyday bankside conundrums. The design of this Trakker Padded Shoulder Strap came from the observation of one such problem. The brand noticed that a number of bankside products were either coming supplied with substandard shoulder straps or else without a shoulder strap at all. In order to allow you to modify your gear rather than having to reinvest in it, the brand has designed its very own Padded Shoulder Strap. This can be used to replace tired or worn shoulder straps or it can be added to products without shoulder straps in order to allow you to more easily transport them to and from the bank. For example, if you’re a mobile angler who doesn’t like to bring the bulk of a barrow down to the bank but you still want to enjoy an overnighter then you could attach this Padded Shoulder Strap to your bedchair – allowing you to carry it down to the bank quickly and easily whilst also freeing up your hands for other vital tackle items.

The Trakker Padded Shoulder Strap operates on a heavy duty clip system. These can be attached any product with a D-ring, as well as products such as bedchairs, which have enclosed poles suitable for clipping around. It features an adjustable and extendable webbing strap. This allows you to modify the fit of the strap to suit your needs, whether you’re a taller angler and require a longer strap or a shorter angler who requires a similarly shorter strap – so you can get the ultimate comfort fit throughout your time on the bank. At its longest, the strap is 145cm. The shoulder pad itself features a dense foam padding. This has been designed to cushion the weight of whichever tackle product you attach to the strap, ensuring that you can comfortably and easily transport it down to the bank. The padding on this strap is especially vital if you’re an angler who likes to keep mobile on the bank, as it ensures that you can rove around for a number of hours without suffering from your shoulder strap cutting into you as you walk whilst also allowing you to be prepared to settle down in any swim that you come across. This padded area is 40cm long and 10cm wide, so you can be confident in your comfort whilst carrying you tackle between your boot and the bank.

As you will have come to expect from Trakker, this Padded Shoulder Strap has been manufactured from high-quality materials. The 600D polyester construction ensures that the strap is every bit as durable as you would demand and it means that you won’t suffer from the kind of rips which arrive as a result of premature wear and tear.

Trakker was established in 1990, although the brand had been trading for several years previous to this under the name of Rainbow Angling Supplies. You’ll notice that the brand pays homage to this original name in the design of its current rainbow logo. It was born from the death of the Sheffield steel industry and as such the brand shows a commitment to UK manufacture. Not only does this allow the company to ensure the quality of each and every item which leaves its warehouse but it also puts money directly back into the UK angling economy. Although the brand is most famous for its innovative angling luggage, it also produces bivvies, bedchairs, and a range of other tackle items which really do make all the difference to your enjoyment on the bankside. 

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