Trakker Winter Merino Socks

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Key Features

  • Merino Wool for warmth and durability
  • In-turned welt for a relaxed / comfortable fit
  • Ventilation channel for increased breathability
  • Reinforced toe and heel in Cordura
  • Fine recessed toe seem reduces risk of abrasion
  • 40% Merino Wool
  • 40% Acrylic
  • 15% Polyamide
  • 3% Cordura Polyamide
  • 2% Lycra Elastane
  • Wash socks inside out for best results
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Trakker Winter Merino Socks

There is nothing worse than having cold feet at the best of times. However, when you’re on the bank and unable to warm them up having cold feet becomes practically unbearable. When your friend asks you about your recent angling session the last thing you want to admit is that you blanked because you packed up early due to chilly toes! A pair of top quality socks inside your boots or waders is the only way to avoid this shameful fate. This is where Trakker steps in with its impressive Winter Merino Sock.

If you enjoy mountaineering, skiing, or other extreme cold weather sports then you’ll be more than familiar with Merino. The benefits of Merino Wool are remarkable. Both soft and fine, this special fabric is unique in its ability to regulate body temperature. Not only will it allow your skin to breathe, keeping your feet cool when they heat up, but it also traps heat in cold conditions – preventing your toes from numbing in sub-zero temperatures. The original quick wick material, in many ways, Merino Wool draws sweat away from the skin whilst still retaining any heat held in the fabric – this is a completely unique property for a natural material. The wool itself is also somewhat water repellent, so even when you are sweating you don’t feel as damp. As an added bonus, Merino Wool is also antibacterial. This means that it doesn’t smell due to human body odour and you can often wear a Merino product for multiple days in a row before you notice a smell on the fabric. When you do come to wash the socks, it is worth bearing in mind that Trakker recommends washing inside. This is because of the fabric’s slight water repellence and washing inside out will ensure that any odour from your feet is washed away effectively.

With most extreme-cold weather products you have to sacrifice storage space, as these products tend to be bulky and weighty with padding and insulation. This isn’t an issue with Merino Wool products, as this material also has an exceptional ‘warmth-to-weight’ ratio, ensuring it is lightweight whilst still keeping you warm. This means that your feet won’t feel squeezed inside your boots, as can sometimes happen with thicker winter-weight socks. These socks are not excessively thick, allowing room for your feet to move within your boots. Toe movement, if too restricted, can also play a part in making your feet feel cold as you don’t experience proper blood flow. These socks allows for some movement in most well-fitted boots, keeping blood flow to your extremities.

All of these outstanding qualities make Merino one of the best natural fabrics to use in outdoor clothing. This is why Trakker has manufactured these socks from a Merino Wool blend. The toe and heel of these socks have been manufactured from a Cordura fabric to ensure their full durability, too. This is because your toe and heel are the areas of the foot which experience the most pressure and friction. The increased friction on these areas can cause socks to wear thin, reducing their heat retentive properties. This isn’t an issue with the Trakker Winter Merino Socks as their reinforced toe and heel prevent premature wear. No matter your discipline, whether you’re tackling the winter carp or you spend your days on the beach sea fishing, these Trakker Winter Merino Socks are angling essentials.

Trakker is a brand that is committed to creating high performance products, which is why it is one of the most trusted brands in the country for luggage, bivvies, and other bankside essentials.



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