Vass Designer Heavy Knit Beanie Hat Gray

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Key Features

  • Standard beanie hat
  • Heavy Knit
  • Warm, trendy &comfortable
  • One size fits all
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VB461/G Vass Designer Heavy Knit Beanie Hat, Colour: Gray
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VB461/B Vass Designer Heavy Knit Beanie Hat, Colour: Black
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VB461/S Vass Designer Heavy Knit Beanie Hat, Colour: Stone
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Vass Designer Heavy Knit Beanie Hat

Cold weather angling can sometimes produce incredible results. Whether you’re a sea fishing fan who enjoys the sea breeze year-round or you’re a predator angler who relishes in the bite of a greedy winter pike, the cold weather can be one of the most rewarding conditions in which you can fish. However, on the other side of the coin, there can be nothing as unpleasant as standing out in the cold (and, more often than not, wet) with nothing but a blank to your name. In order to make those cold blank days a little less miserable, as well as to make the times in between catches on a successful session all the more enjoyable, Vass has manufactured an impressive range of winter wear. Wearing the right clothing on the bank is every bit as important as bringing the right gear with you. After all, you’d never intentionally arrive at the beach without your surf casting reel or your beach fishing rod, so why would you arrive without your waterproof jacket or your beanie hat?

The Vass Designer Heavy Knit Beanie Hat is the ideal addition to your angling clothing collection and, although Vass is primarily considered a brand for sea anglers, it does not discriminate based on discipline. Whether you enjoy winter carp fishing or a crisp autumn match fishing morning, this hat promises to keep you toasty warm throughout your session. This is the standard beanie hat in the Vass range. It boasts a heavy knit, which not only looks great but it also ensures that the body heat radiating from your head will be trapped against your scalp. After all, even though the stories that you lose 60% of your body heat from your head might not be true, it is certainly true that you feel the difference when you’re wearing a warm hat such as this. The heavy knit of the hat provides outstanding heat retention, enabling you to maintain your body temperature on even the coldest days.

Unlike some modern beanie hats, the Vass Designer Heavy Knit Beanie Hat has not been modified with a pompom or bobble. This is a practical design feature which ensures that this hat can be worn under any hoodie or hooded waterproof jacket. The flat crown of the hat enables you to draw any hood close around your face and chin in adverse weather conditions, providing you with an extra layer of insulation without asking you to sacrifice the wind and waterproof potential of your external angling clothing.

As well as being highly practical, this beanie hat is also very fashionable. Available in a grey or black colour, this hat will perfectly complement any of your existing angling clothing. The hat features the classic Vass logo front and centre, of the kneeling anglers proudly holding their catch. This logo can be worn at the front of the hat or at the rear, depending on your style. The Vass logo is synonymous with quality and the brand has in excess of 40 years of performance textile knowledge. Whether it’s a pair of top end boots or waders, a highly technical wet weather layer, or a product as seemingly simple as this beanie hat, the brand is committed to manufacturing the gear that anglers need in order to make the most of their time at the bank. From lightweight t-shirts and breathable summer smocks through the most robust cold weather gear, the brand offers a range of gear that will make your angling a comfortable and enjoyable experience. 

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