Advanta Artificial Baits Selection Box

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  • 8x 10mm Fluoro Boilie (various colours)10x 15mm Fluoro Boilie (various colours)50x Fluoro Sweetcorn (various colours)15x Maggots (various colours)20x Casters (various colours)6x Tiger NutsSupplied with luxury storage box9 compartmentsAll re-useableTransportable(Box contents are approximate)

Advanta Artificial Baits Selection Box, 

Artificial baits have really made their mark on the angling industry and they can be one of the most successful forms of baiting when used in the right circumstances. One of the biggest benefits of artificial bait is its dependability. If you’re fishing with a bait which is means to pop-up, with an artificial bait you can be confident that it will pop-up in the same manner time after time – a confidence you simply can’t be certain of when you’re fishing with a real bait. Similarly, you can be confident in the flavouring of your artificial bait in a way that you can’t always be when you’re glugging real baits and you don’t have to worry that your glug will soak into the bait and disrupt its structural qualities. You also never need to worry that your bait has been taken without your knowledge, so you never need to reel in to check that your bait is still there. What’s more, you’re able to re-cast with the same artificial bait time after time. This means that baiting artificially can be incredibly economical and it is an ideal choice for the money conscious angler.

The Advanta Artificial Baits Selection Box contains a huge range of artificial baits to allow you to choose the perfect bait for your needs. The box contains approximately eight x 10mm fluorescent boilies. These come supplied in various colours to allow you to mix and match to suit your needs. The box also contains 10 x 15mm boilies. These are ideal for larger fish and come in a mix of fluorescent colours, once again allowing you to mix and match based on your freebie baits and the conditions of the water. Also supplied in the box are approximately 50 artificial sweetcorn baits. These come in a whole host of colours, including classic yellow and fluorescent colours. Sweetcorn can be one of the best particles to introduce to your swim and these artificial baits are ideal for complementing a maize mix. 20 casters and 15 maggots also allow you to complement any maggot-based groundbait mixes. They are supplied in a variety of colours, too. Finally, you’ll also find six artificial tiger nuts in this Selection Box. Tiger nuts produce a milky and creamy cloud when crushed in boilie or groundbait mixes and this is an ideal hookbait for use with tiger nut based mixes.

This huge range of baits ensures that you always have the ideal artificial bait for your needs at the water’s edge. They come supplied in a high quality storage box, allowing you to keep all your artificial baits in one easy-to-manage location. This box is constructed from heavy duty plastic, to ensure that it is resistant to all the usual bankside wear and tear, and it features a durable clip to ensure you’re never at risk of the box springing open in your luggage. There are nine individually sealed compartments in the box, allowing you to store your artificial baits in an organised manner. It also comes with a short cord, which has been attached to the box, in order to allow you to keep this box close to hand at all times on the bank.

Whether you’re looking to experiment with a whole variety of artificial baits or you’re simply looking for a handy storage container for your artificial bait collection, this Advanta Artificial Baits Selection Box is ideal for your needs. Whether you’re carp fishing or coarse fishing, this box contains the ideal bait to suit your needs. Please note, all bait quantities are approximate and exact contents may vary between boxes. 

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