Advanta Bedchair Bag

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Key Features

  • 100% Waterproof
  • Essential for all bedchair users
  • Large top opening
  • Heavy duty double zip
  • Comfortable, padded shoulder strap &carry handles
  • Suitable for use with all standard size bedchairs
  • Strong and tough, will last a lifetime

Advanta Bedchair Bag, 

For the overnight angler, a bedchair is an absolute essential. Providing you with somewhere to rest your head (and weary body) for the night, a top quality bedchair can ensure that you’re able to awake fully rested and ready to target the water – giving you the best possible chance of a successful session. However, it can sometimes feel like an unnecessary struggle to get your bedchair down to the bank. Often large and cumbersome even when folded, unless you can neatly fit it onto your barrow you’re left to lug it down to the water tucked under your arm – seriously restricting your movement as well as the amount of gear that you can bring down to the water’s edge. This is where the Advanta Bedchair Bag really comes into play.

This bedchair bag is perfect for the storage and transportation of all your standard sized bedchairs, making it an essential item for all bedchair users. It is manufactured from an ultra-tough polyester material, with a 600 denier weave. This is super thick and incredibly strong, ensuring that you’re protected against any unfortunate rips or tears. With this bag, you’re unlikely to be the victim of premature wear, either, and it can last you season after season on the bank – making it the ideal product for the carp fishing fanatic who likes to be at the water’s edge no matter the weather. In fact, this material is also completely waterproof, ensuring that you never fall victim to a soggy mattress should you forget to tuck your bedchair under shelter prior to setup. Whether you’re someone who enjoys quick overnighters after work or you’re someone who prefers longer weekend sessions, this Advanta Bedchair Bag ensures that you can get down to the bank with ease – maximising the time you spend with your rods out over the water by minimising the time wasted transporting your gear down to your swim.

The Advanta Bedchair Bag is also an essential item for the mobile angler too. If you’re someone who wants the flexibility and freedom to travel around the bankside before deciding where to bed-down for the night, you’ll understand how awkward it can be to transport your overnight setup from swim to swim. With this bag, you never need worry about that and you’re able to keep mobile with ease – allowing you to stay on top of the fish at all times to maximise your chances of angling success. The bag has been fitted with top quality carry handles. These are ideal for the on-bank and in-boot manoeuvring of your bedchair, as well as being perfect for adjusting the position of your bedchair on your barrow. The bag has also been fitted with an adjustable, padded shoulder strap. This is ideal for the comfortable transportation of your bedchair down to the bank and it frees up your hands for other important tackle items – whether you’re pushing your barrow or carrying your rod holdall.

It is incredibly easy to use this Advanta Bedchair Bag. This is thanks to the larger zippered opening, which allows you easy access to the bag at all times. With a double zip, you can open the bag at any point with ease. It extends around the sides of the bag, too, allowing you to fold back the opening and enabling you to comfortably fit in even larger bedchairs. The entire outfit has been finished in a carpy olive green and black colour. This not only ensures that it will be the perfect match for your bedchair but also that it will completely complement the rest of your existing carp fishing luggage.

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