Advanta Deluxe Beanie Unhooking Mat

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Key Features

  • Outstanding fish safety
  • 600 denier waterproof fabric
  • Generously padded to protect lively carp
  • 8cm deep polystyrene bean filling throughout
  • Webbing handles for easy carrying
  • Folds in half and closes with velcro straps
  • 6 plastic pegging points
  • Dimensions: 130cm (L) x 82cm (W)

Advanta Deluxe Beanie Unhooking Mat , 

As anglers, we all have a huge responsibility to return fish in the same condition that we remove them and fish care has to be one of our most important considerations to make on the bank. It is something that that Advanta team take very seriously, as they are keenly aware that it is only by taking care of the low doubles that we catch today that we’ll be able to land the huge personal best fish of tomorrow. This is why the brand has produced a comprehensive carp care collection, which takes into consideration all elements of your carp's ‘on bank’ experience and includes everything from landing nets to weigh slings. It also includes this fantastic Deluxe Beanie Unhooking Mat, which has been designed to cushion and protect your carp whilst you’re unhooking it on dry land.

All fish are covered in a protective mucus, which forms a slimy barrier between their delicate scales and any bacteria or disease. Abrasion can remove this mucus, putting your carp at risk of serious illness, which is why it is vital that any product which is going to come into contact with your fish has to be to ultra-soft and smooth. This Advanta Deluxe Beanie Unhooking Mat has been manufactured from 600 denier waterproof fabric, ensuring that it offers minimal friction resistance to your fish. The waterproof fabric also ensures that you can keep your fish wet whilst on the bank, as the water will pool on the surface of the mat rather than soaking into its dense padding. The benefits of this are two-fold. Firstly, it allows you to keep your fish cool and calm – vital for reducing fish stress and risk of harm. Secondly, it also significantly reduces potential drying time for the mat, as it prevents any lake water you pour over the mat from soaking into the padding.

The mat features a generous polystyrene bean filling throughout, measuring 8cm deep to keep your carp protected against any lumps or bumps on the bank. One of the biggest causes of carp injury on the bankside is due to the bank terrain itself, so providing this smooth and padded barrier between the carp and the ground ensures that you can practically eliminate this risk. This is especially vital if you’re regularly catching lively carp who don’t like to stay still on the bank, as this mat will ensure that they cannot do themselves harm out of the water.

The Advanta Deluxe Beanie Unhooking Mat has been fitted with six plastic pegging points. This ensures that you don’t have to worry about a lively carp shifting your mat, as well as allowing you to get your mat set up in advance of your catch without worrying that a brisk gust of wind will send it flying down the bankside. The mat has been designed to be easy to transport, so you can fold it in half and fasten it with Velcro straps. This is vital, especially consider the massive size of the mat, and it boasts dimensions of 130cm length by 82cm wide. This ensures that it is ample large enough to provide premier support and protection to even the largest of the UK’s double figure carp. The mat also boasts webbing handles, so you’ll never have any trouble manoeuvring it between your barrow and the bank.

If you’re looking for a densely padded, lightweight, larger, and easy to transport unhooking mat which meets all modern standards of carp care, then you need look no further. This Advanta Deluxe Beanie Unhooking Mat is ideal for all your carp fishing needs and is available exclusively at Angling Direct. 

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