Advanta Deluxe Foam Unhooking Fishing Mat

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Key Features

  • Outstanding fish safety
  • 600 denier waterproof fabric
  • Generously padded to protect lively carp
  • 8cm deep polystyrene bean filled surround
  • 2cm thick high density foam base
  • Webbing handles for easy carrying
  • Folds in half and closes with velcro straps
  • 6 plastic pegging points
  • Dimensions: 130cm (L) x 82cm (W)

Advanta Deluxe Foam Unhooking Mat, 

So, you’ve got your carp on the end of your line, you’ve played the fish into the net, and you’re lifting it from the water – now what? You can’t simply place the fish on the ground of the bank or you’re at risk removing its protective mucus, damaging its scales or fins, and putting it at risk of illness and disease. This is where your unhooking mat really comes into play. Designed to cushion and protect your carp on the land and aid with the unhooking process, owning an unhooking mat is an integral aspect of on-bank carp care and essential for the dedicated angler who wants to ensure that the fish they remove the water are returned in the exact same condition – allowing them to grow and thrive.

The Advanta Deluxe Foam Unhooking Mat has been designed to protect your capture from the rough bankside. Most carp injuries on-land occur when the carp itself is agitated and thrashing around – damaging itself against the bank or your tackle. With this densely padded mat, you can be confident that your carp is fully protected from the very worst of this risk. It cushions the carp from any rough or uneven undulations on the bank and it provides a smooth surface for the carp to lie on – helping to prevent the removal of the fish’s protective mucus.

The mat is able to provide this support thanks to its 2cm thick high density foam base. This is surrounded by an 8cm deep polystyrene perimeter, which has been designed to prevent a lively carp from manoeuvring itself off the mat. This way, you can fully focus on the swift and safe removal of the hook from the carp’s mouth, as well as attending to any other injuries the carp may have sustained (such as bite marks from other predators or minor scale loss from the netting process) without worrying that your fish is going to cause itself yet more harm by moving off the mat and onto the bank.

The fabric of the Advanta Deluxe Foam Unhooking Mat is 600 denier and completely waterproof. This means that you don’t have to worry about any water soaking into the foam or polystyrene of the mat – which could significantly extend drying time at the end of your session. It is extremely important to ensure that your fish is rested on a wet surface (once again, to prevent the removal of the protective slime) and it is vital that your carp is kept wet throughout its time on the bank. This waterproof mat ensures that water is trapped on the mat and not soaking down into the foam – reducing the amount of time you have to re-water your capture.

The Advanta Deluxe Foam Unhooking Mat is easily transported thanks to its folded design and webbing handles. Velcro straps seal the mat once folded, too, so you never have to worry about it popping open in transit. To keep the mat secured down on the bank, it has been fitted with six plastic pegging points. These allow you to set your mat up upon your arrival to the swim, so you don’t have to worry about rushing for your mat once your fish has taken your hook. What’s more, these pegging points ensure that you won’t end up chasing your mat down the bank, should the wind pick up unexpectedly. This is a large mat which can comfortably house even the biggest of the UK’s carp – as well as a whole range of continental species. At 130cm in length and 82cm in width, you won’t have to worry about your fish falling off either end of the mat – unless you’ve managed to land yourself a huge record-breaking chunk, that is!

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