Advanta Discovery CCX 55inch Hermit Brolly

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Key Features

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  • 5000HH Oxford nylon DPM fabric
  • 55inch diameter brolly with mini storm-sides
  • Offers increased protection over a standard 45 or 50inch brolly
  • Low profile plunger system ensures improved head room
  • Heavy duty glass fibre reinforced frame providing lightweight rigidity
  • Twin storm caps fitted for storm pole deployment
  • Supplied with 4 pegs
  • Dimensions
  • Maximum Height: 140cm
  • Width: 260cm
  • Depth: 160cm
  • Weight: 4kg

With this stylish, functional, full-shelter brolly, there’s no reason to be a bankside hermit, huddling away out of the rain.  Featuring mini storm-sides, and crafted from 5000HH Oxford nylon DPM (Disruptive Pattern Material), this 55” brolly offers superior protection over smaller fishing umbrellas, keeping you out of the worst of the elements, and giving you the freedom and flexibility to really make the most of your shorter bankside sessions.  Broad enough to easily cover a large fishing chair, and a holdall or carry all with your bankside essentials in, this fishing umbrella combines form and function in one stylish, high performance bankside essential that should be top of your wish list, whatever your angling discipline.

The low profile plunger system gives you increased headroom, meaning that you can comfortably stand in the shelter of the brolly while studying the water, hitting your rods, or throwing out free bait. This ensures that your movements are natural, smooth, and effortless, and that you don’t leave the bankside suffering from the aches and pains that come from sitting in one position for too long.  When it comes to casting free bait, the more natural your stance, and the smoother your action, the further your bait will go, and the more bites you’re likely to attract. Being able to stand up while you’re hitting your rods gives you a better chance of converting bites to catches, as you have more freedom of movement, and, therefore, better control, both of your rod and a hooked fish.

With a frame crafted from heavy duty glass fibre, this bankside brolly gives you all the stable rigidity you need to withstand the worst of the British weather, at an impressively light 4kg, perfect for barrowing down to a swim for a short session, and making the umbrella easy to set up and take down unaided. The brolly comes with twin storm caps, for the ready, stable mounting of storm poles, and four pegs, to give you complete confidence that your bankside shelter will stand up to the wildest weather that Britain’s banks can throw at you.

The dynamic home brand of Angling Direct, Advanta is a brand designed to give anglers of all backgrounds, levels of experience, and budgets the advantage of affordable, high-performance fishing tackle, equipment, and accessories that have been specifically crafted with a particular discipline in mind. Having started with a dedicated carp range, Advanta have been quietly and consistently improving that range, and adding additional ranges to suit match fishing, and bring the Advanta advantage to predator and specimen anglers. Whatever kind of fishing you’re into, whatever waters you typically encounter, whichever fish you prefer to pursue, Advanta backs up your fishing with passion, knowledge, experience and expertise, giving you the performance and reliability to take your angling to the next level, and offering newcomers to the sport the confidence to go all out with your wildest angling ambitions, secure in the knowledge that your equipment will back you up, no matter what tests you put it to.

A fishing umbrella is an ideal option for those who are only looking to spend at most a day on the bank, but still don’t want to be forced home by a change in the weather.  Where a bivvy offers the kind of space that the overnight angler would need, a brolly has a smaller footprint, and is designed to offer shelter without taking up space – ideal if you’ve just got yourself and a single bag down at the bank. Whether you’re looking to get out of the rain, or create some shade against summer sun, a bankside brolly is an essential purchase for the angler looking to maximise fishing time despite the unpredictable nature of the British climate.

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