Advanta Discovery CSX 1.5L HE Magma Pan System

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Key Features

  • Pot weighs: 305g / 11oz
  • Material: Hard anodized aluminium
  • Capacity: 1.5L
  • Size: 132mm D x 146mm H

If you’ve ever spent a day on the bank in typical British weathe,r then you’ll know that a warm meal can be a real game changer – especially if it looks like you’re going to be facing up to another blank. Not only does a hot meal warm you from the inside out, it also fuels you for a day of hard fishing so, whether you’re enjoying an evening meal, a baked-bean breakfast, or a hot soup lunch, you want to be able to cook your food quickly and thoroughly. This is why the Advanta Discovery CSX 1.5l HE Magma Pan System has been designed with both a huge capacity and an ultra-quick heating convention base, to ensure that you can cook up a veritable bankside banquet in no time at all.

The pot has been constructed from hard anodized aluminium. This is an ultra-conductive material, ensuring that this pan heats up quickly for improved cooking time. It is also exceptionally durable, which gives you complete confidence that this pot will last you on the bank. The Magma is designed to withstand all the usual knocks and scrapes which are part and parcel with life on the bank, whilst being low weight, at a mere 305g. You never have to worry that your cooking equipment is taking up vital storage space or weight in your luggage or on your barrow with this pot! It features a fold-down handle, for even more compact storage, and comes in its own mesh storage bag. The Advanta Discovery CSX 1.5l HE Magma Pan System is 132mm in diameter and 146mm in height. This translates into a capacity of 1.5l, so whether you’re boiling up particles for use in your groundbait mix or you’re cooking your evening meal, you won’t run out of room quickly with this pot.

However, the most impressive feature of the Advanta Discovery CSX 1.5l HE Magma Pan System can be found by turning the pot on its head. On the base of the pot you’ll find ridged ring with a depressed centre. This is the Typhoon convection base, which ensures that this pot heats up quickly and effectively. Air vents around the side of the pot further improve this system. If you’re someone who doesn’t like to wait around for your food or you’re someone who wants to be focussing 100% of your attention on the water 100% of the time, then this system will greatly appeal to you as it has been proven to shorten cooking time by up to 30%. For example, if you're someone who usually faces a 10 minute wait for your beans to warm through on the bank then, with this Advanta Discovery CSX 1.5l HE Magma Pan System, you’ll only have a 7 minute wait on your hands. As you can imagine, this also ensures that it is an incredibly economical system and it uses significantly less gas to cook through the same food as traditional pot. When paired with a top quality stove, such as the Advanta Discovery CSX Magma (or, indeed, any of the Advanta stoves), you can ensure that your meal is cooked through quickly, effectively, and economically.

Whether you’re on the bank for a quick overnighter or you’re enjoying a longer carp fishing session, this pot is the perfect addition to your carp fishing cooking equipment collection. Representing traditional Advanta quality of build and value for money, you really cannot go wrong with the Advanta Discovery CSX 1.5l HE Magma Pan System, available exclusively at Angling Direct.

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