Advanta Double Beach Tripod

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Key Features

  • Lightweight Aluminium frame
  • Made from triangular alloy tubing
  • Telescopic legs with hard metal ground spikes
  • Telescopic rod rest arms
  • Telescopic cup arms
  • Telescopic double head, top rest
  • Extends to over 1.75m in height
  • Supplied in a durable bag
  • Weight: 2.5kg

Advanta Double Beach Tripod,

Advanta is a brand that is committed to producing top quality products that make a real difference at the water’s edge. This Double Beach Tripod is one such product, and is a fantastic rod support solution for the avid beach angler who likes to fish with multiple rods. It is one in a selection of products in Advanta’s sea fishing range, which also includes beach shelters and seat boxes, and this range looks set to expand in future seasons as the dedicated sea anglers in the Advanta team design more innovative products to revolutionise your life on the beach.

The Advanta Double Beach Tripod has been manufactured from a lightweight aluminium material. This ensures that the tripod is low in weight, making it easy to transport from your car boot down to the beach. The frame has also been constructed in a triangular shape, further lowering the weight of the product as well as increasing the tripod strength by adding an additional supportive bar. This tripod features telescopic legs which allow you to extend the height of the structure to an impressive 1.75m tall. This is ideal for fishing with the kind of ultra-long rods which come part and parcels with surf casting, as well as enabling you to achieve almost any angle you require. The versatility this affords is essential to the committed sea angler as it ensures that you’re designing your fishing technique around the conditions on the water rather than around your equipment. For example, should you arrive on the beach to find the waves are high and rough, this tripod allows you to kick your rods high into the air to arc over the surf. Similarly, should the sea more closely resemble a mill pond, you can lower your rods to make the most of the scenario.

Hard metal ground spikes at the base of each leg ensures that your tripod will remain stable on any sea-side surface, no matter how uneven the terrain. Whether you’re fishing in high winds or on a steeply sloping beach, this tripod will ensure that your rods will remain held in the perfect position at all times. However, the legs aren’t the only impressive feature of this tripod and there are multiple additional adjustable elements which allow you to customise it to your needs on the bank. The rod rest arms, cup arms, and the double head top rod rest are all independently adjustable; allowing you to modify your setup based your tactics. This really does allow you to tailor your rod set up to the water conditions and gives you innumerate options for rod setup. The Advanta Double Beach Tripod comes supplied with its own luggage (a strong and durable bag with a handy strap) so it is incredibly easy to transport to and from the beach. Weighing only 2.5kg, this tripod is light enough to carry with ease alongside the rest of your sea fishing tackle.

The Advanta brand was established in 2011 when Angling Direct realised the need to be able to supply certain core products year-round. The brand was born and, in its early years, focussed purely on the design and manufacture of these products. However, as the success of the range has spread around the banks and beaches of the UK, the brand has been able to enjoy the freedom to think outside the box – designing new products which really can stretch and develop your abilities on the bank or beach. One thing that hasn’t changed since day one, however, is the brand’s commitment to designing tackle which offers outstanding value for money and it continues to manufacture products which excel in their price category. 

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