Advanta Sea Fishing Tackle

With Advanta, anyone looking to change it up and move into the world of sea angling will not be disappointed. Our Advanta range initially covered carp, coarse and specimen items but as the series continues to expand, the Advanta saltwater range covers the basics of providing strong rod solutions, plus reinforced storage options, seating and lighting to help cope with years of punishment on the beach. 

What Are the Benefits of the Advanta Sea Fishing Rods?

The RBS range of sea fishing rods covers the top rod types needed for the discipline from beach casters to pier rods. The great thing about these beach fishing rods is that they are of amazing quality for a low price. This is ideal for those beginner anglers or those crossing over from freshwater and dipping their toes into sea angling.

Why Do I Need Separate Fishing Tackle for Sea Angling?

Sea fishing offers a variety of challenges from tides, windy weather and a variety of species that boast features and behaviour different from freshwater. Other than those challenges, beach fishing also has the added challenge of corrosion of tackle. This is why all of the items in our Sea Fishing tackle from Advanta is durable and corrosive- resistant to the saltwater it will be coming in contact with.

What Advanta Tackle is Good for Sea Fishing?

Sea fishing sessions are usually a few hours on the shore, pier, boat or whatever sea fishing mark you choose to cast your rod into, meaning there are fewer items required than for freshwater disciplines such as carp or predator fishing.  You travel light for sea angling but you still need a variety of fishing tackle items designed for the sport. We have created a list of all the Sea Fishing Equipment essentials in our beginner's guide which you can read here

Although you may carry fewer items for sea fishing, our Advanta Sea Fishing range covers just some of the basics and you can find more across the rest of the Sea Fishing Category. Our brand has plans for many more new sea fishing-friendly products in the future, to enhance both the current range and your saltwater fishing. So keep checking back!

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