Advanta Endurance Classic Session Chair

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Key Features

  • Lightweight &durable frame
  • Reclining mechanism
  • Four adjustable legs with swivel mud feet
  • Positive push and lock leg mechanism
  • Large seating area
  • Comfortable padded mattress
  • Folds flat to a very compact size
  • Provides good support for your back
  • Unrivalled quality and built to last
  • Perfect for short stay sessions

Advanta Endurance Classic Session Chair

Advanta is a brand committed to the manufacture of top end tackle solutions which have been designed with the dedicated and discerning angler in mind. Established in 2011, the Advanta range has grown from strength to strength over the years as the brand has expanded into different areas of the sport. However, one thing has remained constant: its dedication to producing tackle which is great value for money. This Endurance Classic Session Chair is, as the name suggests, a true classic of the Advanta range and it has been designed with the session angler in mind.

The Advanta Endurance Classic Session Chair combines comfort, strength, and durability in order to give you an excellent all-round package for your carp fishing sessions. The first thing you’ll notice about this chair is how incredibly lightweight it is. This is thanks to its high-grade aluminium frame, which helps to preserve the low weight of the chair whilst still maintaining its strength and durability. In fact, this frame has even been further reinforced with steel support bars, to ensure that it has an impressive weight bearing capacity. The chair also boasts a compact, fold-flat design. This, combined with its low weight, ensures that it is an easy to transport package – making it the ideal chair for the long session angler who wants to take a lot of gear down to the bank in one go and the short session angler who wants to keep mobile on the bank alike.

This is an exceptionally comfortable chair and the Advanta Endurance Classic Session Chair has been fitted with a large padded mattress. This ensures that your back is completely supported throughout your time on the bank, preventing any of the usually bankside aches and pains which might have previously plagued your angling. For additional comfort, this chair has been fitted with completely adjustable legs. These allow you to accommodate for any changes in terrain, ensuring that you can enjoy a flat seat for the duration of your angling. After all, there are few things quite as bad for the welfare of your spine than spending hours sat on the wonk, so these adjustable chair legs help to prevent long term damage during your time on the bank. Each of the legs has been fitted with a positive push and lock mechanism, to ensure that you’re never at risk of one of the legs slowly sinking whilst you’re sat at your swim. Each of the legs on the Advanta Endurance Classic Session Chair have been finished with swivelling mug feet. These are large and flat feet which are attached to the legs via the use of a ball and socket style hinge. This allows the foot to move independently of the chair leg, enabling it to accommodate for any unevenness of terrain directly under the chair leg. This, in turn, provides you with a completely stable base for the duration of your angling session, allowing you to lean back and relax whilst you wait for your bite indicators to come alive.

To further improve your comfort on the bank, the Advanta Endurance Classic Session Chair has been fitted with a reclining back, allowing you to adjust the lean of your chair to suit your needs. So, whether you like to lay back in style or sit bolt upright whilst observing the water, this chair will ensure that you can be completely comfortable on the bank.

The Advanta Endurance Classic Session Chair has been designed to be the perfect companion for all your short stay sessions. Whether you’re fitting in a few hours on a weekend or your enjoying a sneaky mid-week overnighter, this chair will ensure that you can sit back and relax on the bankside.

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