Advanta Protector MZ Freespool Reel

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Key Features

  • Great value freespool reels in a choice of two sizes to suit carp and specimen fishing
  • 1x Ball bearing
  • High strength plastic body
  • Micro-adjustable front drag system
  • Micro-adjustable freespool system
  • Easy to use freespool lever
  • Positive lock silent anti-reverse
  • Balanced rotor
  • Ergonomic handle grip
  • Slow oscillation
  • Brilliant line lay
  • Oversized line roller
  • Coiled bail spring
  • Gear ratio: 4.9:1
  • Graphite spool with line clip
  • Spare spool
  • 60FS Line capacity: 0.35mm/200m
  • 50FS Line capacity: 0.35mm/160m
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Model Item name
AD147 Size: 50FS
AD146 Size: 60FS

Advanta has been supplying products to the angling community since 2001. Originally providing quality carp tackle products, the brand has recently branched out to contribute to multiple disciplines including predator and match fishing. The Advanta Protector range offers products more suitable to carp anglers.

The Protector MZ Freespool Reel comes in a choice of two sizes. The 50fs that has a line capacity of  0.35mm/160m and 60fs with a line capacity of 0.35mm/200m. Most freespool reels are considerably lighter than their big-pit siblings, so if regular recasting is required when surface fishing, it is a good idea to invest in a smaller reel. The reel suits carp and specimen fishing and mostly close-range.

The fact this is a freespool reel, allows the line to be peeled from the spool when the bail arm is closed. A turn of the handle disengages this function as you pick up a bite. The freespool drags can also be fine-tuned for ultimate control. The reel includes one ball bearing which offers a reduction of friction between the moving parts.

The freespool allows for the spool to revolve without any tension on the line when in the process of casting or trolling. The purpose of a baitrunner (or freespool) fishing reel is to provide another drag system which can be manually engaged/disengaged with a simple switch. Switching it on while the bait is in the water allows a fish to hook itself and swim away freely, by allowing the line to be released/dragged out from the spool, avoiding the rod from being pulled into the water!

The reel features a positive lock, with a silent anti-reverse option. When on you cannot roll the reel backwards, avoiding tangles. This allows you to control the tension on the line, preventing the tension from getting too tight and snapping the line. Switching off this function then allows you to strike and play the fish on the standard drag system. This reel comes with a micro -adjustable front drag system and micro-adjustable freespool system. Both make the catching of carp effective with the self-hooking and anti-eject method. This freespool lever is easy to use so there is no need to panic with lifting and lowering the rod when a fish starts to pull.

The reel is made of a high strength plastic for its body, making it durable in the chase and has an ergonomic handle grip, providing comfort and security in holding the product. The reel features a balanced rotor, meaning the reel is smooth when cranking, with a soft vibration rather than the wobble of the older reels that were usually not balanced with their rotors.

Slow oscillation, meaning the rate of the spool moving up and bottom of the reel is gradual. This results in less friction as the line leaves the spool and improves the casting distance and accuracy. The graphite spool also comes with a line clip, keeping it all in place when in transit and Advanta are also providing a spare spool with this product.

There is a brilliant line lay and an oversized line roller which helps to prevent the line twist and coiling often caused when long casting with thicker diameter reel lines. The coiled bail spring so that when closing the bail you get a gentler, quitter click into place. The gear ratio of 4.9:1, means one turn of the handle rotates line around the spool 4.9 times, quickly reeling the line in once a fish bites.

So if you need a new freespool reel as an affordable price, consider Advanta’s Protector MZ.

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