Advanta Protector MZ Straight 6 Bedchair

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Key Features

  • Generously padded mattress and perimeter padding
  • Super durable, black powder coated steel frame
  • Six leg design for great support
  • Fully adjustable legs with swivelling mud feet
  • Totally flat profile
  • Dual fold bracket system
  • Sleeping bag can be left attached whilst in transit
  • Quick to set-up and pack away due to strap and clip retaining system
  • Dimensions: 194cm L x 65cm W x 26-39cm H
  • Weight: 8.6kg

When you’re spending a weekend haunting the banks in search of a big pike, or seeing what other, smaller, predator species are out and about and inclined to take a bite, you need to make sure you have a comfortable night’s sleep, so that you’ve got plenty of energy to tackle the big beasts of the depths come morning, or if you’ve had a fight and a half with a feisty pike, and need to recover!

Designed with predator anglers in mind, the Advanta Protector MZ Straight 6 Bedchair features a generously padded, fully flat profile, which includes perimeter padding for complete comfort, no matter how much your session’s taken out of you, or how many fish came close to getting the better of you.  The black, tubular steel frame is incredibly durable, and designed to provide the robustness that the committed angler demands and expects.  With six fully adjustable legs, each with swivelling, fold-flat mud feet to provide firm anchor points in soaked, slippery banks, this bedchair offers excellent stability, no matter how many times you’re up and down during the night, responding to bites on your rods.

Quick to set up and pack away, sleeping bags can be left attached to the bedchair during transit, saving you both time and space.  Saving time really comes into its own in winter, when you don’t want to be out in the freezing cold on a bankside any longer than is absolutely necessary.

Bedchairs are an essential part of the long-stay angler’s kit, giving you a stable, comfortable surface to stretch out and doze on overnight, while your bite alarms do the work of watching your rods for you.  In winter dark, you’re probably not going to see your rod tip move anyway, so the most effective course of action is to set up your rods, set your bite alarms, and head back to your bivvy for a bit of kip while you wait for a bite – because there’s no point getting any colder than you have to!

Advanta products are designed to offer affordable, accessible kit options for the younger or novice angler, whilst being robust enough to appeal to more experienced anglers who are potentially looking for a back up kit, or simply want to update their current gear without breaking the bank.  Backed by the retail expertise and angling passion of Angling Direct, Advanta is a dynamic brand that, since its inception in 2011, has been gaining ground and building the reputation of its range of fishing tackle, equipment, and accessories

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