Advanta X5 Cane Avon

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Key Features

  • Translucent plastic tip
  • Super high visibility tip
  • Classic Avon shape
  • Stable cane stem
  • Low friction paint finish
  • Big shotting capacities
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AD762 Weight: 5AAA (4g)
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AD764 Weight: 7AAA (5.6g)
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AD765 Weight: 9AAA (6.4g)
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Advanta X5 Cane Avon, A traditional cane Avon float design but enhanced with a hollow plastic sight tip, which stands out very brightly as the float travels downstream, even when trotting through shade and under cover. This is a big advantage compared to traditional float tips, which often disappear from sight at certain points during their journey downstream. These floats take big capacities to allow long range casting and trotting. They fish best with large bulks, either formed with sizeable shot or an olivette. Working with a big bulk provides excellent tackle control in fast flowing or deep water, suiting baits like maggots, casters, bread, sweetcorn, worms, as well as bigger offerings like pellets, luncheon meat and paste. X5 Cane Avons can be used with long rods - Bolo style - to counter deep water and for trotting greater distances. A top model for river barbel and chub in particular, but sensitive enough for targeting roach and bream. Advanta X5 Running Line Floats, Advanta X5 running line floats cover many traditional designs but with a modern twist, featuring super bright hollow plastic tips, capable of showing up every indication, even in the trickiest of light conditions. The range also includes cutting-edge loaded pellet wagglers. All of these superbly crafted floats are intended to make your fishing an even more enjoyable experience, at the same time helping you to connect with more fish – thanks to the translucent sight tips that glow like beacons!

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