Advanta X5 Match Barrow

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Key Features

  • Barrow style tackle transporter
  • Designed to carry all your essentials
  • Large loading area
  • Very easy to transport, even when fully loaded
  • Quick and easy to assemble and dismantle
  • Fits comfortably in most car boots

Once you really get into angling, you’ll very quickly amass a significant amount of gear.  And, during the course of most sessions, and particularly if you get involved in the match fishing circuit, you’ll need to use almost all of it.  That means you’ll need to be able to get all that gear quickly, easily, and safely from where you are, or at least where you’re parked, to where the fish are.  In short, once you’ve been involved with angling for more than five minutes, you’ll need a tackle trolley or match barrow.

That’s where Advanta, a refreshing new brand from Angling Direct, the UK’s dominant retailer in the fishing sector, and a company with angling in every strand of its DNA, comes in. Established with a specific, dedicated focus on the needs of carp anglers, Advanta still retains that core focus, even as it looks to expand and build on its brand success. Their products offer quality performance at affordable prices, and would suit the experienced yet cost-conscious angler and the novice with much more enthusiasm than cash equally well, providing both the affordability that someone new to angling might be looking for, and the performance and reliability the experienced angler depends upon.

The X5 is a barrow style tackle trolley, which means that, unlike some seatbox trolleys, it has a broad base and extra-large loading area, enabling you to securely and safely load all of your tackle, suavely avoiding the inevitable yelps and frantic grabs that typically accompany smaller trolleys being pushed over bumpy ground – the yelp and grab being an instinctive reaction to the feel and sight of your mountain of expensive, vital kit lurching forward, with a view to crashing from the trolley to the ground, leaving you at best having to spend your prospective fishing time picking up your gear, and, at worst, with damaged or broken equipment.  Avalanches may look impressive when you’re a safe distance from them in some stunning Alpine resort, but the effect doesn’t quite translate to avalanches of unbalanced tackle on a muddy British hillside in the pouring rain.

Even when fully loaded, this robust yet lightweight barrow is easy to transport, and fits comfortably in most car boots. With quick and easy assembly, you’ll bring your boot to bank time right down, giving you longer at the swim, and improving your chances of getting that ultimate bite from a big, scaly beauty of your new personal best carp.

Designed to carry all your essentials safely and securely, the Advanta X5 Match Barrow is ideal for anglers who like to remain mobile, regular match competitors, and anglers who don’t drive, but live within walking distance of a good fishing ground.  One of the features that makes the movement of this trolley so effortless, and that gives it unrivalled durability even when fully loaded and travelling over rough ground, is the fact that the wheels are positioned under the heaviest section of the barrow, providing maximum load support and optimum balance, and making your journey to bankside as hassle free as possible.

Give yourself the Advanta advantage, and invest in this compact, high-performance tackle trolley that will get you and your kit to the bank in truly effortless style.

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